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Everyone has their own way of healing themselves. And everyone has their own secrets that they think will be judged, but instead turn them from a thing of mystery into a thing of beauty. Though many poets, including poetess Mira Midha through their compelling poetic style, will tell you that mystery and beauty needn’t always be different from one another.

The Power of Poetry:

Teenage brings about a number of changes in the human psyche. While some find their groove and fit into it right away, bravely unapologetic of their choices, some others are still waiting to find what they’re good at. And then there are those who know what they’re good at, but are afraid of sharing it because of how attached they are. Mira Midha belongs to the third category.

“I started writing as a teenager, an emotional age, and all that I felt then, I’d put down on pieces of paper. Poetry opened a space in me, it made me go into depths that I was apprehensive to share, to give away too much. I kept it hidden for a long time because this was my space, my comfort zone. Maybe I was a little embarrassed about feeling so much.”

Like every human who emerges unscathed, Mira has learnt to turn her apprehensions into books that resonate with so many readers out there.

“I have come full circle in life now. I’ve gone through my ups and downs, done good, made mistakes, and learned from them. I’m at a place where I am at peace. Now that my third book is out there, I have overcome all apprehensions. For, if I didn’t share my words on paper with you all, they would remain just that: words on paper.”

Going from Book to Book, Strength to Strength:

Many-a-times, ideas overlap. So while you’re writing your first book, an idea for your next work could hammer you out of nowhere. But for Mira, the ideas flowed like a calm brook, as easily from book to book, the envy of all writers of prose and poetry.

“As I penned the last poem in my first book Whispers at my Doorstep: My Journey, the beginning of my second book, Silent Voices on Paper White had already picked up an echo in my mind. That followed through into my third and latest book, Feelings… It’s Not In What They Say But What They Hide which I published in June 2017.”

Writing: The Mira Midha Process:

“I like to write about people, nature and experiences. But most importantly, I borrow a little happiness from here and a little sadness from there. I assemble a measure of reality from here and a little fantasy from there. And then, I articulate these feelings into lines.”

Feelings… It’s Not in What They Say but What They Hide:

A writer’s words are an expression of their emotions. And that is exactly what Mira Midha has done in this collection.

“In my latest book, my poetry voices an expression from within. It searches out feelings that have been dormant. So while I try and convey a whole lot of emotion through my writings, I would also ask you to hear my poetry speak to you, understand the poems in your own way, give them your own expressions. For, I feel poetry speaks different languages to different people. As my poems evolved, I too evolved as a writer.

“Sometimes, the patterns of things around us can be seen directly in ourselves, making it easier for readers to relate and empathize with my poems. The mind, body, and soul have difficult-to-describe conversations that are profound and emotive. I have touched upon many an untold story in some of my poems.”

Feelings… It’s Not in What They Say but What They Hide, a collection of hard-hitting and relatable poems was published in June 2017.

Mira Midha’s Advice for Aspiring Authors:

“Always believe in yourself. If you have art, music, words inside you, share it with the world. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. Do it. Appreciation in the minds of others will be your reward.”

About Mira Midha:

As an artist and a poet, Mira Midha sees her poems as works of ‘art’ and feels one art form inspires the other. She wants her book to be read by all who love poetry, an audience that enjoys a play of words and has the urge to keep on reading as she has an urge to keep on writing. She lives in Pune, India, with her husband, a retired Naval Officer and her family. She started writing as a young teenager but published her first book of poems in 2014. Her passion for writing continued and in 2015, she published her second book of poems. She continues with her favourite interest, penning poems.

Mira Midha’s latest release, Feelings… It’s Not in What They Say but What They Hide is her third book.


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Author(s): Mira Midha
Publisher: Notion Press
Release: May 2017
Genre: Poetry
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