Petrichor by Athena Mondal

Rain brings out the best in a writer, especially a poet. Not sure?
Read this beautiful poem by Athena Mondal in our ongoing writing prompt #Raindropsonpaper


Sound of  waterfalls

or perhaps a thousand whiplashes,
The distant roaring of the sea,
or just the running tap.
The vision blurs, the images entwine,
The fine lines merge, naturally.

The bolted door

opens just a crack to watch the chaos strike.
The extended hand
to greet an old comrade who sweeps through the land.

The man awakes, the child within
and slowly comes out to play.
Paper boats, and polished stones,
preferred to other toys.
The punctured leaves and dying fruit
of yellow trees,
the rotten core of mottled souls,
a patient cleansing sees.
Gentle caress of the coquettish rain
transcends to passionate lovemaking
of two long lost lovers.
The shackled hearts sigh
as the key turns once,
perhaps to turn another.

Write an article, short story or poem on your experiences – your memories of drenching in the rain for the first time, your first rain-date, your inspirations/motivations from the rain and whatever else you like about it. Do include an occasional rainbow if you can, they’re important too! 
Be a part of our monsoon writing prompt #RaindropsOnPaper.
 Take a slice in writing!
Last Date: 30th July


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