The Peshwa – By Ram Sivasankaran

The Peshwa Ram Sivasankarana

The Peshwa : The Lion and the Stallion – by Ram Sivasankaran

the peshwa ram sivasankaranThe book provides the tale of one of the most known and fearsome warrior of Maratha clan who rose to make his place in the history books owing to his valour and intelligence. The Peshwa begins with the introduction of Bajirao Bhat, Peshwa of the Maratha Confederacy who is a mighty warrior but yet to face his first real battle. During the mission, Balaji Vishvanath Bhat asks various questions to him to determine his intelligence and understanding of the events and Bajirao never disappointed his father.

Bajirao is a lesser known historical character who ruled the Maratha kingdom as the Peshwa. The book explains the growth of Bajirao as a commander of the Maratha Empire after his father’s death and how using his military prowess he won over his enemies. Though a recent Bollywood flick gave some insight into his life which was more on the romantic side, his life is still unknown to a large section of people..

The book is well written. The subject has been extensively researched and story is presented in an interesting manner. As you move through the pages it gives you a feel as if everything is happening right in front of you. The narration style is simple and vivid. The author has done a spectacular work in explaining the events of Marathas and Mughals. Reading this one I realized how less I knew about Peshwa Bajirao. This book tells us what we missed in our History subject – a historic story of War, Courage, Intelligence, Heroism, Love and what not. It explains the struggle and rise of a young Bajirao who overcomes his father death and with his limited experience rise up to the title Peshwa.

The book takes you back in time and you feel you are a part of that era. The twists and turns are written beautifully which will never leave you bored. The characters and scenes are well described and cover all the details. The plot is executed well and the flow between chapters is smooth. The author is able to create a perfect blend of fiction and history. The book ends with the introduction of Mastani and her character is beautifully woven in words.

It is the story of a warrior, a loving husband and caring father. The most important aspect of the book is it not only deals with Peshwa as a warrior but also his personal relationships with his wife Kashi.

This book is must read for all the history lovers and even if you are not one, this book will make you fall in love with it.

Author: Ram Sivasankaran
Publisher: Westland
Release: January 2016
Genre: Fiction / Historical
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