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It always feels great to interact with people who love books, and Writersmelon is one such web-space where writers and readers unite. Feeling really happy to be here right now!

My journey has been quite swift. Touch-wood! But swift here,doesn’t means easy. I too faced ripples. For all the ones who think that writing first novel is very difficult and once you are done with getting published your first novel, things become easy. It’s a myth!

What I experienced was completely different. I started writing Too hard to handle when I was in the last year of my masters in journalism and mass communication. I was passionate about writing and it took me about 5 months to complete the manuscript. Everything when swiftly! I got a publisher who was ready to publish my book without charging money. And by the time, I completed my studies, I was a published author.

Sounds great? Well, it wasn’t that great, as it sounds here. After getting published, the real journey started. At first, I thought that now I am experienced and like a pro, I’d be able to write novels back to back. But trust me, it didn’t happen. It took around 6 months for me to just brainstorm and create a perfect plot.

I wanted to write something that can inspire people and leave them motivated to follow their passion, just like I did. Writing VoiceMates was an emotional journey for me as it was actually what had been through when I took that first risk of becoming a writer and quitting my high-paid radio job.

Another challenge I faced was getting a publisher. This time, I wanted to get a good publisher who can do justice with my work. I had 2 publishers in my mind and one of them was Jaico. Luckily, Jaico accepted me and my work and now, VoiceMates is doing really well.

I really feel, every time I will write a new book, I will go through the same because creating a whole new world out nothing and that too,it should make some sense to people, is not an easy task!

If you think, writer becomes relax and confident after getting his/her first book published, then No! Penning down a new book is always a different experience and it becomes tougher and tougher with the increasing number of books and of-course, reader’s expectations! So let us keep writing and inspiring…

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