Peek-a-Boo in A Writer’s Mind

When I started penning the collection of short stories, I was worried. And what was the reason of this worry? Will I be presenting the stories correctly to the readers? The way the plot is in my mind, will it get portrayed in a similar manner on paper. When a story is in narration, a writer knows that this is the flow, but when the author goes back and edits its piece, does the flow makes sense. I was worried to the core; I am still worried what will happen to the book one year down the line. I know you will tag me with the title of ‘worrisome soul’ but this is the unspoken reality. And to quote a cliche, I felt I was giving birth to my third baby (I already have two babies)!

I thought because this is for the first time I am making an attempt at this, maybe that must be the reason. Later on, I realised, I feel the same when I am on to any article, blog post, review, etc.

I doubt super confidence will ever come. So I let these worries stay with me.

Worrisome points:

Point No 1: Am I making sense?

Point No 2: I hope I have not renamed the character twice or used a name which is present in the earlier story.

Point No 3: The Active and the Passive voice.Kill me for that.

Point No 4: I get caught up in the tenses world and get tensed.

Point No 5: I just hope that my grammar teacher should not shoot me for using wrong grammar.

Point No 6: The more I edit and re-read my work, somehow I feel that it’s an okay story.

Point No 7: What if I will get awful reviews. I get haunted by negative, discouraging comments.

Point No 8: I lose the entire manuscript. Either it gets deleted, or my account gets hacked.

Point No 9: The title which I have selected has a double meaning, and I failed to check it.

Point No 10: My mind does not spin any new story, and this becomes the first and the last creative work.

It’s a funny world inside the head!


Shikha is a Marketing Professional with more than 12 years of Industry Experience.She likes to call herself as a Content Creator. A storyteller in progress.

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