One Writer , many lives

I believe after actors; writers have the privilege to live and enact many lives. I am also amazed on how when the camera is switched off they are back in their skin. Film-making and fiction writing is a long process which usually takes months or years to get completed.

shika pakhide

I love my life as a writer.I have the power to live the life of different characters. It is overwhelming sometimes and many times it drains you. You are not You, but that character. You can experience different emotions through which the protagonist goes. It is also liberating as the writer creates a plot and then weaves various threads around it. Situations, people, the environment around us evoke the imagination and which gets translated into different themes, several stories.

Writing some stories paralyses you. You can not pen that next word, your hands are stiff, a sudden rumble in your stomach, and you feel nauseated. It is a terrifying experience as the entire story design is in front of you, but you are so moved by the twist in the story, that you can not move your fingers to type. This numbness stays with you for a while. When I wrote a delightful fable, my mood was chirpy, and when a sad story got inked, I felt melancholic.

Writing is an electric elevation.I would term this art as the best meditative exercise. Writing purifies you and beats the stress. The sudden urge to depict a character and bring it to life is the most rewarding experience. It’s a unique world of creativity where different characters dance in front of you and you enjoy the show.

I have restarted my writing journey, and I can say this with full credence that I do not need any other stress buster exercise. So, if you are a writer and haven’t written for a while, a new character is waiting for you to bring them to life.

Great writing can make you face the truth around you and within yourself. –  Elizabeth Alexander


Shikha is a Marketing Professional with more than 12 years of Industry Experience.She likes to call herself as a Content Creator. A storyteller in progress.

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