Of Knights and Lilies is a complex love story — By Sonali Dabade

Of Knights and Lilies_COVER 1_rev2.inddWhy read this?

Love and mush is in the air. And here is a maiden attempt by a young aspiring author to share her work across all of you. Of Knights and Lilies follows the story of Shruti and Abhi, and what happens when they get closer to that magnificent sentiment called “love”. Shruti does not have an active love life. Neither does Abhi. However when a daunting episode brings them together, neither can fight the attraction they feel towards each other. As the romance gradually blossoms, it is all they can do to hold back from the giddily emotional tumult. Several questions arise when they are at their closest to it.

Will the stars align to allow them that happiness?

Or will they throw in a few obstacles? Will Abhi be able to save Shruti? 

Most important of all: Will their love remain unspoken? Will it survive?

About the author

Sonali Dabade loves cold coffee, dreams of travelling to the Greek Islands and is known among her friends as a grammar nerd. A former IT Professional based in Hyderabad, India, she now writes books and content for a living. She blogs, writes poems and short stories. An avid reader, her favorite books are – The Fault in Our Stars, the Harry Potter series, and the Shiva trilogy.

She startedSonali Dabade - Author Photograph writing this story, one that she feels everyone will be able to relate to – because love is what everyone hopes for. Of course, underlying currents are bound to wash up to your shore. She started writing this story, when she was in college. Watching people around her fall in and out of love with so many complications made her wonder if there could ever be a straightforward love story. And the answer that came was a big: NO! However simple a story might seem, there is always an underlying current that makes it much more complicated.

Author: Sonali Dabade
Publisher: Notionpress
Release: January 2016
Genre: Fiction / Romance
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A former IT professional, Sonali gave up her cozy job to pursue her passion : writing. She is currently a freelance writer and an author. Her first novel 'Of Knights and Lillies' has released last year. She is working on her second work of fiction, a novel that revolves around travel and self discovery. Sonali's dream is to travel the world and write her own travelogues that will inspire travelholics. While she is not fantasizing about travelling the world and being a full time content writer and author, Sonali is also busy being a poet, booklover and reviewer, music lover and a full time grammar nerd!

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