Obsessed Has Spine-Chilling Elements and Gasping Revelations

The opening quote of this book – “what one sees in the world outside is often a reflection of the internal landscape of one’s mind,” – is pretty much what the entire story revolves around. Avik is an investigative journalist based in Mumbai and he has been assigned to cover the story of a Delhi based businesswoman Kalki Rajput’s murder case. This story could change Avik’s life for the better but Avik has to leave his life behind in Mumbai and come to Delhi. In Delhi, Avik can dig the truth of Mrs. Rajput’s murder only through the help of Mrs. Rajput’s daughter, Ananki Rajput. But it is not so easy since Ananki has detached herself from the norms of life and has been living wilfully in a mental institution since her mother’s death.

First of all, I would like to give kudos to the author Ruchi Kokcha for bringing out a sensitive topic through this book. As one can notice from the book’s name, the story is about obsession. In a world where anything out of the normal is frowned upon, the author puts forward her message about a darker side of an obsession disorder. The story will make readers question- So what does this obsession lead to? How deep is the harm inflicted by this obsession? And how can one untangle himself from this obsession? The story is a messy affair about how our protagonist gets tangled in it.

The book has been written in the straight forward manner, the most simplest of writing styles. In doing so, the story seems more personal. The author’s way of depicting the two cities where the story takes place, Mumbai and Delhi, is something that will catch the reader’s attention. The emotions attached to the cities through the book will be nostalgic to the readers. The book is rather fast paced in the first half and slows down in the second half. While the first half of the intensifies the story, the second half is more about reasoning and confrontations.

I also liked the way Avik’s character develops. At first he is portrayed as an adult with a strong moral foothold. Though Avik is ambitious and wants a boost in his career by covering Kalki Rajput’s murder case, Avik can control his immoralist temptations. The author also does justice to his background but talking about his past failed relationships and his thin relationship with is mother. Slowly the readers will get to understand how inconspicuously he becomes obsessed with the murder case and how this murder case becomes the definition of his being. There are equally important secondary characters in the story whose relationship with Avik increases our insight about Avik’s personality.

In this book, the author has delved into the psychological segment of the human mind. Though it is not as thoroughly illustrated as I had expected it to, nevertheless this book is informative. The book has spine-chilling elements in it and gasping revelations. The story is not particularly for the feeble minded since some may find the theme appalling. If you want to explore a new field of human madness then go grab this book.

Author(s): Ruchi Kokcha
Publisher: Harper Collins India
Release: May 2018
Genre: Fiction/Thriller
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