“Not” Just another Brick in the wall

We met on the first day of our work. She was clearly the most well groomed, well dressed & as difficult as it sounds for a girl to say this for another, she had great looks. The only innocent question that ran in my mind that day was, “What was she doing here”? “Why is she in this purely academic & perhaps the most non glamorous industry in marketing”?

Well, not that it really mattered how she looked & how she dressed to office that day, but since now I am telling her story, these were some of my initial thoughts & impressions about her.

We were all seated in a conference room, exchanging pleasantries. Which place were we put up in Mumbai, how we plan to travel to the office everyday, how did we land up in this job, what we think about Market Research as a career & many such trivial & intellectual discussions continued, till the time our MD, VP & our future reporting bosses came in and started out a week long induction & training program for us in the new company. I dont know what was going on in her mind apart from the usual anxiety of the first days at the work, which I guess all of us had. But all I was thinking & humming in my mind was that Pink Floyd song – “Another Brick in the Wall”. A song that was meant to revolutionize the education system worldwide was rubbing my mind even after more than 7 years of leaving the school. I was praying silently – “God I hope I am at the right place”.
2 years down the lane, I don’t think she feels happy & contended with the work as much as I do. I do consider myself lucky that I actually cleared this job interview that day & I thought of taking up this job. But I guess she doesn’t …
The other day when we were having lunch together in the office, she said
“I think I wasted my two years in this job, in market research. I feel suffocated here. I think it’s high time, I should step back now. My real passion lies in fashion. I want to build my career in the fashion industry & not research upon as to why a house wife uses shampoo A & not shampoo B. I am ready to start from the scratch. Work as an intern, slog my way, and learn from the basics. I really want to do this.”
Life really gets tough out there, however cool it may sound to take that road less travelled, it freaks you out, it gives you sleepless nights & frustrating days at work. Even if you think it the right thing for you to do, there are people out there to discourage you from doing so. Don’t get surprised if you hear your parents & the people of their age laughing at your seemingly silly dreams.
Few may even start eulogizing you like you are some kind of a role model, tell your stories & write articles about you. But you know you are about to take the risk of your life. Well all of these freaks you out. To keep the moolahs aside, chase that wonderful but shaky little dream sometimes look no less than trying to be the next Indian Idol. The EMIs of that education loan, the huge rentals for your flat may even make that multiplex tickets for the weekend movie pinch your pocket.
Well I really hope she takes that step back & follows her dream. I don’t know where exactly she wants to be in the fashion industry. What exactly she wants to do there? How she plans to use her MBA degree there? I am sure I cannot be of any help to her neither do I know anybody who can help her with this. But while I was writing this, I could only  picture her surrounded by good looking models, talented designers & rich buyers than well….. “us”.
She says, “I am just 23; I still have a lot of time before I get married & look for a settled, predictable life. I think I should do this now”
Well I hope she really does & also says one day – “I love my work”
—– Bookmarker


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  1. Nice read.. we do encounter ppl who have dreams they want to chase but end up compromising for something else. not only others, we might even come across situations where we find "ourselves" caught in the crossroads..to pursue our dream or to continue doin what we are into now…nevertheless, great piece of writing by Bookmarker. look forward for more such articles.

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