Feel, Deal And Heal – By Nirmal Yadav

I received this book by Nirmal Yadav at a time when I was actively searching for ways to be happy. I was almost close to depression, and took up active reading to beat it. It has worked for me in the past. When this book came, I was curious as it was everything I wanted at that moment – to feel, deal, and heal.

About the book

The book talks about feelings. Yes, the ones that are the hardest to talk about. In the world where relationships are complicated and people are hideous, understanding one’s one feelings itself has become a tough job, let alone understanding how others feel. The book talks about active persuasion of happiness even in the minutest forms. We all know how we try to bury our feelings, especially the painful ones. However, the author has a different theory. She believes that in order to truly experience happiness, one must feel the sadness, deal with it, and then heal gradually – interesting, isn’t it? Well, I know what you guys are thinking – It’s easier said than done, right? To make the process easier for everyone is what this book is all about.

My thoughts about the book

The book was an interesting read. This book is not something that you pick and read for entertainment or leisure. It is a book that you might read and cherish when you are down. It is also a book that you would read and re-read from time to time. I, for one, would re-read some chapters again and again. The book is quite simple and it can be read by anyone. Unlike many philosophical books that are a verbose mostly, this book is for even the novice readers. I, however, felt that the book was a slightly slow read.

What I liked about the book

 The tiny quotes that were given here and there inside each chapter. One of my favourite as “No incident is responsible for anger. It’s our reaction to the incident that causes us to be angry.” Such quotes are some daily remainders that you must keep for yourself.  The illustrations inside the book are fun, and it is interesting to read the book with that. Especially, when you are irritated, these cute illustrations are so much fun to have.  The author has also curated and added some special quotes by famous writers, like Mark Twain, Kabir, etc. You can really find those informative and nice to read.

 The book is such an easy, breezy read. You can read this during a quick train or bus travel.

Do I recommend this book?

Yes! Definitely.

Reviewed by: Srilakshmi Indrasenan

Author(s): Nirmal Yadav
Publisher: Fingerprint
Release: April 2017
Genre: Non Fiction/Self Help
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