Youth and Profundity Rolled Into One

“I don’t really know who I truly am. I am still in the process of discovering myself and I am growing bit by bit with every passing day.”

Says 18-year-old author Nikita Achanta, who was one of the panelists at the Jaipur Lit Fest, one of India’s biggest literary festival. It is nothing less than awe-inspiring to interact with this writing prodigy.


A student of liberal arts and a voracious reader, Nikita, like most 18-year-olds is still on a journey of self-discovery. Perhaps writing has made that journey even more interesting and fulfilling.  The profundity and power of her words will instantly connect you with her very first book – ‘Wrecked Souls’.

The Inspiration Behind ‘Wrecked Souls’ And What Lies Within:

Asocial. Introvert. Cold. Indifferent. These four words could have described her before she went to boarding school. Her motivation behind bringing out Wrecked Souls was her experience of moving to a boarding school, and the times when both, her solitude and her loneliness resulted in her taking refuge in writing.

“I never had true friends or someone I could sit and spend quality time with, but then I found someone who had a sullen madness in her eyes one could not teach. She changed the person I was. She pulled me up when I was at my worst and crying for help. People could not stand the real side of me, so I built myself a mask – a mask to hide all that I really was.”





Work, Passion, and a Need to Express Oneself to the World:

Nikita will soon be setting foot into her second year at college and though she doesn’t have a job yet, she stresses on the importance of academics and believes that education needs to be a necessity in every individual’s life. She makes sure to write every day and updates her blog, at least twice every week.

I pick up a random topic at least once a day and write about it because I don’t want to let the fire in me die.”

And all that kept the fire and passion for writing alive.

  • Do NOT give up.
  • Rejection for an author is not unusual. So keep at it. Keep pushing.
  • Give the whole process some time. You’ll eventually make it.
  • Get that story out of the nested folders of your laptop and get it published.
  • Strive to fulfil your goals. Failure does not define you. It molds you.

Why It Is Easy To Fall In Love With ‘Wrecked Souls’:

Nikita’s book revolves around a plethora of everyday human emotions that result in profound experiences. Her love of penning down experiences, be they hers or of the people around her, in tandem with her belief that everyone shares certain experiences with each other, led her to wanting to be the voice that puts those unspoken words forward. This stems from her own earlier reservations about herself and her current belief that every individual needs to be heard. And these reasons are precisely why Nikita believes it is easy to connect with and fall in love with her book. Here’s a beautiful excerpt from the book.

I looked at myself in the mirror, and I couldn’t help but wonder one thing, “Did I create this monster?”

Nothing really mattered.

All I knew was that I was slowly and gradually losing a grip of everything I once had a control over.

My nails were black. My eyes were bloodshot, and my heart was bleeding black too, probably.

Skye didn’t patch me up. She didn’t cut me lose. The rags were turning red. The stitches were falling apart; I was hanging by a thread.

Skye wasn’t there anymore.

There was no one keeping me sane anymore.


A former IT professional, Sonali gave up her cozy job to pursue her passion : writing. She is currently a freelance writer and an author. Her first novel 'Of Knights and Lillies' has released last year. She is working on her second work of fiction, a novel that revolves around travel and self discovery. Sonali's dream is to travel the world and write her own travelogues that will inspire travelholics. While she is not fantasizing about travelling the world and being a full time content writer and author, Sonali is also busy being a poet, booklover and reviewer, music lover and a full time grammar nerd!

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