In the Name of God – By Ravi Subramanian

It’s a mad world out there when it comes to God in a country that has crossed the billionaire mark. Countless heads and uncountable beliefs. Ravi Subramanian has knit a perfect convoluted mystery veiled perfectly in the name of God. It’s deep, riveting and captivating till you reach the end. It all begins from Dubai’s Wafi Mall Heist – a robbery turning bigger in Mumbai with the blasts in Zaveri Bazaar. Mention of diamond trade linking clues to Surat and finally ending at the doors of enormous riches of Anantha Padmanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram. It is a racy piece of thriller that not just entertains and shocks its readers but also gives some points to ponder about our political – religious situation. Right from the start, there is a thread of suspense hanging as the investigations begin in Wafi Mall robbery. It leads to Delhi, Thiruvananthapuram and then Mumbai when Kabir Khan, the additional director of CBI was sent to investigate the smuggling racket.

He’s meticulous, stubborn and sincere in his line of work. He smells the fire and the sparks fly to Hong-Kong and Australia. Meanwhile, a civilian Rajan files in court to open the vaults of Anantha Padmanabhaswamy temple that holds unimaginable wealth from the ancient times. And then sets off a tail of murders one after another in the temple compound and hotels that house the members of court authorized audit team. In the middle of this pandemonium, the trouble for the auditors deepens when the highest religious custodian of the temple declares opening of the temple vaults a mistake and the murders as a wrath of God. He even warns more adverse effects to come sooner or later. Superstition at its best! A snake rattling in everyone’s minds spreading fear and skepticism.

Ravi Subramanian has handled the whole plot brilliantly unraveling the mystery. The language is lucid while the narration and writing is tight, easy and fast paced. There is no wax eloquence in this exciting thriller. It’s appealing and gripping. The characters are wonderfully drawn and find their place very well in the story. Also, I appreciate the thorough research done right from the start till the end citing various cases in the story line, be it the mention of Sunanda Pushkar Murder case, blasts of Zaveri Bazaar or the fine study of the rage that continue to prevail regarding the real vault B of Padmanabhaswamy temple in Kerala. The author has intricately and finely developed the subplots and more in his story. There are some lines that remarkably explained the irony and vulnerability of the situation in the book.

Few of them are –

‘As he stood there at the window looking out into the distance, he couldn’t help but wonder at what all people were willing to do in the name of God.’

‘The case is sub judice in the Supreme Court, However, it seems even the Supreme Court is now scared to take a decision, that too, in the name of God.’

Overall, In The Name of God by Ravi Subramanian is a stupendous delivery in the crime and thriller genre – a book not to be missed!

Reviewed by : Shaily Bhargava

Equity Technical Analyst by profession and an ardent reader, freelance writer, book reviewer by passion.

Author(s): Ravi Subramanian
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Release: June 2017
Genre: Fiction/Thriller
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