4 Must Watch TV Shows Based on Books

Books have often been the source for films since a long time. All the great classics have had a movie or two made from their stories. In recent times, books have inspired television series. Often these series take a much different direction than the books as well. Sometimes they add characters or they subtract characters. There are even changes made to the storylines in order to adapt to the medium of television. While diehard fans of the books would never like to see their precious books and series being tampered with, the series writers and producers make the call to tell a more honest story. The television series also pick up fans independent of the book lovers. In present times, these are some of the television series that have been based off books:

Anne with an E 

Based on the classic, Anne of Green Gables, this is the story of the twelve year old redheaded orphan who is adopted by the Cuthbert siblings. While the original story was a beautiful story of a young girl growing into a young woman, this Netflix original series has been criticized for being too dark and too edgy. What people fail to understand is, that Anne had had a difficult journey prior to arriving at Green Gables. Her awful experiences would never be without consequences. Even though the author never wrote of those times explicitly, but mentioned them in the passing, there is a book called Before Green Gables which is Anne’s story before her life changes. A lot of changes are made in the storyline to the original story in Anne with an E. So fans of the book might furrow their brows and be a little skeptical. Our suggestion is to watch it with an open-mind, and remember that everyone has darkness inside of them. The series is presently available for viewing on Netflix.

Pretty Little Liars 

Sara Shepard’s teen drama series about four seemingly perfect girls whose clique falls apart after the death of their leader, was spun into a ABC’s Pretty Little Liar series. It had a successful run. But the series was criticized because none of the liars matched their description from the books. Neither was the storylines followed to the T. In fact, there were characters introduced in the series that was never introduced in the books. And storylines of characters, who leave the books, continue to play a pivotal role in the series. While it had a strong beginning and the best revelation of the villain at the end of season 3, dragging the series on just made the fans tired. The storylines dealt with themes of bullying, the consequences of having secrets and lies and explored the bond between four friends willing to go above and beyond for each other. The series has ended but you watch all the seasons on Netflix.

The Vampire Diaries 


L.J. Smith’s story about a high school girl torn between her love for two vampire brothers was just the base for the series The Vampire Diaries. It dealt with a supernatural world, and introduced theories and ideas probably not present in the book. It spun an entire spinoff of its own called The Originals which was called a far better series that The Vampire Diaries. The characters are high school students for most of the series but they eventually move to college, but their battles with the Big Bad every season doesn’t stop. Elena Gilbert is portrayed by Nina Dobrev did not match her character description from the book, and it upset the fans of the book. But over the course of the seasons, it became a story of its own and only borrowed the basic premise from the books. The series has come to an end and all episodes are streaming on both Netflix and Amazon Prime.


Remember the Archie Comics that we all grew up reading? Well this is a much darker reimagining of the series with a murder mystery at the heart of the first season and things only get worse from the second season. It enjoyed pretty good ratings and the cast does a stellar job as their comic book character counterparts. Of course it is hard to accept that sunny and bright Riverdale, a town once filled with pep is now this dark and broody and almost foreboding place. If you like thrillers and like getting to the bottom of mysteries, this series is definitely for you. Riverdale is based off the characters in Archie Comics, but the story is completely original. If you expect to see anything even slightly resembling the comic books of your childhood, you would be setting yourself up for disappointment. The only thing Riverdale has in common with Archie comics are the names the characters shared, and a handful of their character traits. Currently both seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix.

I know I missed out on plenty of series that are/have been based on books. Which are your favorites? And did any of them make it to our list? Let us know!


Aniesha Brahma is the author of The Secret Proposal, The Guitar Girl, When Our Worlds Collide, All Signs Lead Back to You, An Awfully BIG Adventure, P.C. Chandra’s Awesome Four: Coming Together & The Legend of Stardust, and Children’s Classic Stories. She blogs regularly at Aniesha’s Musings and Bibliotheque, and runs BUZZ Magazine. You can follow her on social media: Facebook| Twitter | Instagram or just drop a mail at [email protected]

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