Mrs Neeta Who Lived in Neeti Bagh — By Sayantan Ghosh


Who is Mrs Neeta from Neeti Bagh? Read the captivating story that changed her life .. 
Here’s an excerpt from the story,
Neeta Sukumar used to live on the third floor flat of a decrepit government quarter in Ghitorni in the South West district of Delhi. When she got married, she shifted to an expansive four-storied bungalow in the heart of Neeti Bagh, a prime location neighborhood that boasts of wide roads, playgrounds for children and clean air…
…Neeta’s father was an orthodox man. He sent her to a government school, always paid his taxes in advance and never purchased anything on the internet.
He wanted to find an academic or a doctor for Neeta, he always said. That day he doesn’t ask Samarth about his family. All Samarth tells him is he’s a lawyer and has a bungalow in Neeti Bagh. Few minutes later she peeps from her first floor window and sees them shaking hands. Her destiny was sealed at that moment, some unwritten deal was signed without pens. Her sisters walk into her room and hug her. They look happy. Their faces tell her she is expected to smile. Neeta doesn’t disappoint them.
About the author  : 
Sayantan Sunny Ghosh lives in a 11×11 room in New Delhi and works as an editor for a publishing house. His work has been published in Northeast Review, Reading Hour, The Bangalore Review, Running Out of Ink, eFiction India, Eastlit, Clockwise Cat, Strip Tease- The Magazine, Coldnoon: Travel Poetics, Antiserious and one of his short stories was longlisted for the DNA-Out of Print short fiction prize 2014. 
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28 thoughts on “Mrs Neeta Who Lived in Neeti Bagh — By Sayantan Ghosh

  1. Love the excerpt. Beautifully captures how the ease with which women are left out of their own lives and stories. Leaves within you a desire to watch her wrest back her narrative.

  2. Mrs. Neeta who lived in Neeti Bagh. The very title makes me want to rush to Neeti Bagh and get to know all about what happened to her. Kudos to the writer who tells the story simply, and builds each character to be interesting and relatable. And this is only an excerpt. Well done!

  3. Sayantan's characters add life to his stories.. They are more real than most real people around. I have been a fan for long. His work, works as a dose of medicine after a mundane day's work. Looking forward to read the entire prose.

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