Mr. E

Each one of us might have had an embarrassing moment in life. The write up tries to capture some of those moments through the imaginary character “E”.

Mr. Embarrassed
Mr. E goes out with his girlfriend. Accidentally, they meet one of her macho friends. She goes on and on praising him, poking him, playing with him and at the end points at ‘E’ and tells “oh! This is my boyfriend “. E shakes his hands, cringing and crying inside, replies “it’s so nice to meet you!”
 E returns home alone, on his way he comes across a young mom and her baby. Her baby is sobbing and she tries to pacify it. She calls him near and says to the baby, “Look at uncle! Say hi, go on”. E feels “uncle!!!?” but tries to smile at the kid and it looks at him. E kisses it and it starts to wail loudly. E thinks if he should have kissed the mom!!!
E goes to the office the next day. He sees, his colleague, a stunning beauty. He has always felt that she should have been an air-hostess. He admires her and she notices it. She walks to him, and suddenly E gets “switched off “. She asks if they can swap their chairs as her chair is too high for her. E suddenly replies “Yes! I have always wanted to do that”

E is having a morning walk the day after. He hears a beautiful voice that says “Come here”. He turns his head, looks at a cute girl with her hair let loose covering her face halfway. She is sitting cross-legged in the bench near him. She smiles facing the earth shyly and says “I have been waiting for you only”. He goes near her. She laughs and whispers “don’t you want to look at me”. He bends down. She corrects her hair with her hands and he could see a brilliant silver strand that runs from her Ears to… pocket!! It is her headphones. She had been talking to someone else all the time! And she is startled seeing him so close. E picks a paper cup beneath her legs and puts it into the bin. He smiles awkwardly as usual.

     Padmanaban T.A.
This entry won 2nd prize in the Nationwide writing competition Melonade’1 (2010 – 11) 


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  1. thank you friends for ur encouragement… Will come up soon with another piece to steal your smiles again:-)

    -Paddy(a)padmanaban T A

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