Moments veiled in the sheets of past, on the Ocean of Memories, a shadow they cast.
Beneath the layers of Life they lie, budded in the enclosure of the eyes.
Moments, that gently melts like a tiny flake of snow, as embers on a cold winter night glow.
Shimmering sometimes, on the rolling river waters like a ray of the sun,
Blowing wildly sometimes along with the wind like a faded leaf of autumn.

Descending slowly sometimes, as a feather in the air levitates,
Emerging gradually sometimes from the bondage of a seed, as a plant waits.
Sometimes like fog, enveloping everything in a white drape,
Sometimes like a deafening roar, as stormy waves on the rock break.

Sometimes mellifluous like the pattering of the rain,
Sometimes strident like a scream of pain.
Sometimes like the golden hue spread across the azure skies,
Sometimes like the piercing darkness after a flickering flame dies.
Moments, sometimes sending an innocent smile rippling down your face.
Moments, sometimes falling off your eyes as beads of dew from a leaf’s surface.
In the Kaleidoscope of myriad multicoloured moments, a thousand designs lay hidden,
Designs, like those that the wind makes on the desert sand with each passing second.
Moments fly by and become frozen in time —
Echo of that laughter and pain of those tears leaving behind.

—– Dolly Thakkar 
    This entry won the 1st prize in the Nationwide writing competition Melonade’1 (2009 – 10) 


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