#UpForReview : Messed Up! But All For Love

Messed Up! But All For Love is a romance novel with a fair bit of suspense to thrill you up. It is the perfect book this monsoon to curl up with, watching the rain and relishing a cuppa.

We have 20 copies up for review, apply here for a copy. We will send you this book for free in exchange for an honest review.*

About the book

Messed Up! But All For Love tells the story of two couples who meet in Cuba and face unthinkable consequences later. One of the women gets kidnapped and bitter truths spill out to the dismay of the others. Will they recover from the shock and find the woman? Will love mess them all up?

With this book, author Arvind Parashar has pledged the profits towards Spandana Rehabilitation Center in Udupi. It is towards intellectually specially abled people.

Pick up a copy to review here. This book will be cherished read and a great garnish for your bookshelves!

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