Messed Up! But All For Love – By Arvind Parashar

Messed Up! But All For Love – Not Messed Up At All

More often than not, love is surrounded by a lot of other related emotions – jealousy taking the cake by a large margin. There is confusion, anger, self-esteem, sorrow, and so many others doing the tango. In this melee, what remains important is if you wield enough strength to remain positive through it all and recognize love for what it is. An attachment so intense, it doesn’t allow you to stay away from the one you love. And this is exactly what Arvind Parashar has shown in his book, Messed Up! But All For Love.

Simple, Well-Written Prose

Despite the heavy undercurrent, Messed Up! But All For Love is an easy, breezy read in a lot of ways. With the intermittent sprinkling of typical Dilli-wali Hindi, the author has given the narrative a simple spin. As I started reading, I found that there are short sentences; sentences that are too short for my liking. But as the book progressed, these same sentences helped in launching vivid bursts of imagination. It was as if someone was whispering the story in my ear. I could hear myself murmuring the intonations of the dialogue and imagining the setting, while sympathizing and empathizing with the characters in the story.

What It Is All About

Messed Up! But All For Love is a story of love, unfortunate coincidences, jealousy, anger, and redemption. Like the title suggests, the situations are a lot messed up. But the reason behind all the chaos is love. As you follow Neil, Gauri, Drishti, Tom, James, Jerry, Somesh, and Srinya’s interwoven stories, you find nothing wrong in how it is going. It just feels like just another turn of bad luck. And then suddenly, a bunch of red flags are revealed, making you double back and see what it was you missed. All a reader wants from a book is that he/she be entertained or informed or both. And Arvind Parashar makes sure to entertain the imagination of the reader with a quiet success.

Chinks in the Armour

Messed Up! But All For Love does have a few chinks – not so small that they can be ignored, not so big as to have a huge impact on the story. I have a few complaints about inconsistent tenses, a bit of Hindi between sentences, and in a few places the narrative sways to be poetic. Apart from these, there are no other chinks that I found and would gladly read the book all over again, for the compelling narrative.

All in all, Messed Up! But All For Love is an easy and pleasant read when you’re in the mood for a little PI-type sleuthing!

Reviewed by : Sonali Dabade

Author(s): Arvind Parashar
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Release: May 2017
Genre: Fiction/Romance
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