Men not allowed ?

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– A calender too crowded –  By Sagarika Chakraborty. 

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So before we read her book, we asked Sagarika  three questions – “Who are you”? Is your book about women? And Men not allowed? This is what she had to say……. 

“Oh well! So here again comes the question again “who am I”? I have never really been comfortable answering this question ever since childhood. There’s a sense of too much wanting to be said but too little revealed that looms around that question.  It appears straight out of that essay from grade II or out of those matrimonial sites whose fever had engulfed my dad some years back. All in all, I don’t really have an introduction for myself. I think I have been best described by the creator of my name – Rabindranath Tagore, where he spins an imaginary girl who depicts the sea. Strangely it’s the sea that clams me, always. I find a lot of meaning in those waves as they crash – they are like dreams, building on, crashing yet the cycle going on relentlessly. It is as if there’s a force that inspires the waters never to cease moving. And then for those who are not put off by the superficial turmoils, are brave enough to discover the pearls which the clam heart hides. I too am a poetry that was created at leisure, but often interpreted in haste.

I think I was discovered just that way by somebody who chose to look through the serious feminist image, the grumpy policy researcher cum lawyer and discovered a girl who loves to write and spin stories. She wishes for that utopist fair society where everyone is aware of their rights and where genitals are not the deciding factor to garner respect. She’s also the one who loves ‘item numbers’, will watch chick flicks and cry and yet be prepared to take on her molester at the police station without fear.

 I love to cook, I love to blog, I love to build little things out of scrap, I love to play with kids, I love to dance, I love to run, I love to swim but most of all I love to live life.
They say lawyers can never be fun, I say amen!, that is exactly why I am not dating one!:P And to those I again tell that remember but that when a writer falls in love with you, you can never die!

I had always dreamt to be an author and I am living that dream, but then there is indeed a bigger bubble that looms – of making a difference to the society and giving back to all those a smile, a bit of recognition for all that they have done for me. I am passionate and it comes out in my writing. I am sharp tongued and thus dry humor appeals me. I am a strong womanist (yes I made up the term!) but I refuse to live my gender defined roles.

So, even in my writings you’ll find a taste of mixed nostalgia, there’s a Peterpan me who loves cakes and then the lawyer me who wants rights to be a part and parcel of acceptance of life! And yes the strategic manager who’s wondering about her book sales. But of it all, I hope you like the glimpse of the bubbly curly haired girl who loves to laugh have fun and tell you stories of different kinds”.

—– Sagarika Chakraborty

A corporate lawyer and author. She is currently studying at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. Her first book, A Calendar Too Crowded, is a collection of short stories and poems on womanhood.

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A calender too crowded — By Sagarika Chakraborty is the book “In Focus”


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  1. Dear Dhruv,

    My book is a collection of short stories and more about the work can be found on my blog at Yes I am indeed smitten by the creator of my name and I detailed analysis of the same at . Looking forward to your visit to my blog and discovering more about my writing. As for the level of my creativty I await your take on it 🙂


  2. Can u pls elaborate more on ur writings pls??? As in what is the theme of the book, is it a biographical kind, a fiction,or something as solid as law and policy research….. Author seems to be quite impressed with Tagore, it will be interesting to see if the work has that true touch of bengali genius….

    And btw, sorry.. couldnt help reading despite the warning "Men not allowed":)

  3. Hi good to know a bit more about Sagarika and her book. This is really interesting to know more writers and their works thru these pages. Though I have not published any book so far I would like to keep in touch with this page. Continue to do the good work of informing your readers about the new developments in the writing field as well as a bit more about the writers!! Here I am to come again. Have wonderful and blessed New Year to all Here.
    PS: The post's title confused a bit, hey may i have the permission to peep here LOL Anyways its not restricted to Women only BUT…. The first comment and the reply too shows that is true. Anyways good to be here. I am here via one of my blog friends' page
    Keep going
    And HA again to remind!!!
    Pl do take out the word verification from here. Thank you.

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