Memories Reborn

I remember—the day I entered the new planet and the hay I tasted to tongue.

My eyes had ‘you-are-so-alien’ look, so did theirs. My voice was so ceremonial, so did theirs. My ego was so high, but not theirs—And that’s how I got friends there.

I always wonder how I sustain in that new planet. It was the pals. It was pals who built my confidence, when even they themselves were in doldrums. It was them who assured me “you not only survive, but flourish”, when even their survival is in jeopardy. It may seem weird—But for me, it always geared.

Sometimes we study in bright and party in dark. Other times we party in bright and study in dark, and rest we party dawn to night. Whatever it was the time—It was the times of life.

All the fights, all the merry we experienced. All the pranks, all the puns we cracked. All the places we explored. All the personal, all the work issue we did confer—I remember, I remember all.

That new planet was different from my home planet. No restriction, no doorman to halt our wings. Scarce resources, scarce time to use, and huge responsibility, huge challenges to confront. Whatever the odds and evens to compare, who cares. I always cherish my time spent there. Because celebrating a day is one thing and celebrating every day is another—When I was there, generally second happens.

Every day came with a packet of learning. Someday it enriches you with worldly knowledge and other day it just offers you to grow, self-knowledge. There will be the days where you get both the packet in one day. Then there will be the days when the day went on and your packet remains unopened. I also got several packets, many times with freebies. Many opened and other remains unopened. Whatever it was, let me assure you one thing. It will be a voyage of learning—It will be an odyssey which was not easily been able to surpass.

My first talent that got recognized. My first story that I wrote. My first legal case I got involved into. My first proposal that backfired. My first emotional bond I felt into. My first taste of red cheery lipstick—I remember, I remember all.

Whenever we rejoiced we tried to capture that moment. The pictures so got were shaky, unstable. After many fail attempts we got the wisdom —Happiness can’t be captured.
— Himanshu Agarwal
This entry won 3rd prize in the nationwide writing competition Melonade (2010) 


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