Melonade’5 Shortlist – Selections for the next book

Melonade – The Book !
So yes, without any further delay, here’s the shortlist for Melonade’5. In its 5th avatar , Melonade promises to bring some more fresh writing talent & really refreshing stories. And as the title of this posts says, these stories will go into our next book! 
A short stories collection every year is what we plan to do… encouraging new authors to embark upon their journey into the world of publishing. And hoping to rekindle the love for reading short stories among the readers.  
And the winners are ….
This is the shortlist of stories for the next book(not in any order).The excerpts of these stories will be posted on this site, from the coming week. The prize winners will be announced basis the response to these excerpts. 

Story – Abhishek Mukherjee
Lizard Grass – Avishek Basu Mallik
Monster – Amritorupa Kanjilal
Colours – Vinitha Rajan
Making Sense of Smell – Riti Kaunteya
One day in December – Deboshree Bhattacharjee Pandey
A Deep Fried Love Story – Diptee Raut
Take Two – Rafaa Dalvi
Mrs Neeta Who Lived in Neeti Bagh – Sayantan Ghosh
The Boy who never became a Man – Arvind Passey 
The Sinner – Kakoli Mukherjee
The Home coming – Ronita Maitra Bhandari 
Proposal & Disposal – Lakshmi Murthy
The Letters Undefined – Neha R Krishna

So a big congratulations to all those who made it into the list and for those who didn’t make it, believe it or not every story is worth being told. So go for it tell your story ! 
How were these stories evaluated? 
After a rigorous screening of the stories by the core team of writersmelon, the stories (anonymous)
were sent to our judges – Arnab Ray , Ashwin Sanghi , Preeti Shenoy & Aditi Mathur. We have a very interesting matrix to evaluate the stories created by Ashwin Sanghi , the much loved author.
 1. Does it fulfill our specified genre? (Yes/No)
2. Is the word limit good for a shortie? (2000-3000) (Yes/No)
3. Is the beginning gripping? (Yes/No)
Is the climax gripping? (Yes/No)
5. Does the body of the story hold it? (Yes/No)
6. Is the plot worth publishing? (Yes/No)
7. Did the author proof read before sending? (Yes/No)
8. Is the language worth our attention? (Yes/No)
9. Would you like to read the story in a book? (Yes/No)
10. Total marks (out of 10)
11. Remarks (If any) 

We are sure it will help the budding authors to bring more form & structure to their writing.
—  Take a slice in writing ! 
Melonade is our “flagship event” and the most ambitious initiative by Writersmelon. It is a country wide creative writing competition which is conducted every year during autumn and continues for 4 months.Aimed at connecting with promising writers, Melonade is a great platform for aspiring writers from all walks of life.The selected stories are compiled into an Anthology that is sold across the country. 
You can find excerpts of winning stories from Melonade’4 here
The first look of the book can be found here
The book is available on Amazon for pre orders. 


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