Melonade’5 – Final results


After a month long evaluation , long list , shortlist , wait list & finally the FINAL FINAL LIST. Yes ladies &gentlemen. It is THE announcement, that many of you are eagerly waiting for.

So here we go.. final results with special comments from the judges.
Top 3 :  
Excellent writing, brilliant ending,  kudos for not “resolving” the ending but for leaving the sword hanging.  A winner.
Very well written and the ending that could have been typical, has been saved with some great writing skill. 
Simple and straight, but with a good grip on contemporary emotions and hey, a happy ending! 

Next 6 :
Exceeded words for a shortie , but a Yes on all other judging parameters.
Liked the ending. 
A yes on all judging parameters. Definitely worth publishing. 
A bit long for a shortie & but lovely!
Definitely worth publishing & superb language – worth the attention.
Well written. Story is compelling.
How did we arrive at these results ?
We have been getting a lot of queries on the process. Why reader’s choice? How much weightage?
We do understand that evaluating a writing piece is difficult. While the grammar & writing technique can be still evaluated, (or rather corrected at a editing stage) it is very difficult to judge the potential of a plot that too in 3 different genres. And therefore the judgement is very subjective.
So we are no longer giving 1st , 2nd & 3rd rank. It is top 3 & next 6 , a shortlist(14) and a consider list for the book(5).
Judges + Comments tally. How? & Why? 
There is a creative side to it as well as a commercial side to these stories. In this case, we have given a higher weightage (75%) to the judge’s score. Obvious reasons … they have seen through publishing have more than one published book to their credit and definitely understand the creative & technical aspect of the writing craft. And they also took into account the publishing viability of the story. Which was one of our judging criteria of many other.
Having said all these, we know success is also a function of how many readers are you able to attract. There will be no author who doesn’t want his/her books to sell. In our case, the reader’s pull is all the more important , as we will be publishing these stories. So will you be able to co own the project with us ? Will you help us in promoting the book? These are very important part of this entire exercise. And therefore we also decided on putting up the excerpts for voting. And have given reader’s vote  a lower weightage (25%). 
There were multiple/duplicate & anonymous comments in several stories. We have filtered them out. And basis that have come out with these results.
Hope all of you enjoyed participating in this contest, and will be waiting for all our forthcoming activities.
Melonade is our annual “flagship event” and the most ambitious initiative by Writersmelon. It is a country wide creative writing competition which is conducted every year during autumn and continues for 4 months.Aimed at connecting with promising writers, Melonade is a great platform for aspiring writers from all walks of life.The selected stories are compiled into an Anthology that is sold across the country. 
You can find excerpts of winning stories from Melonade’4 here
The cover & a brief about out first book can be found here
The book is releasing very soon and is also available on Amazon for pre orders.


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