Melonade’4 – Annual nationwide writing competition

After months of planning & for the 4th consecutive year, 

hunt for the best story begins…….

Melonade is our “flagship event” and the most ambitious initiative by Writersmelon. It is a country wide creative writing competition which is conducted every year during autumn and continues for 4 months.

Aimed at connecting with promising writers, Melonade is a great platform for aspiring writers from all walks of life.

So, is there a story inside you that is waiting to be told? There is absolutely no use waiting for the right moment, for the right inspiration or for the right opening line. JUST WRITE.. 

Submission Guidelines for Melonade’4: 

1. Stories must be between 1500 – 3000 words in length.

2. You can pick any genre of the following 3 genres :Comedy, Thriller, Romance

3. Email to [email protected] ; as WORD DOCUMENT ATTACHMENT ONLY.

4. One submission per entrant ONLY

5. Please do not simultaneously submit your contest entry to another magazine or contest.

6. Please do not submit work that has been previously published anywhere and this includes 
your personal blog as well.

7. The deadline for the contest is  31st January

Publishing terms for the qualifying entries: 
1. The decision by the judges will be final. 

2. A 500 words preview/excerpt of all the qualifying entries will be published on

3. Writersmelon  will own the rights of the stories till 31st July 2014 only. 

4. The excerpts/preview will continue to be on the website and will serve as a promotional content for the story, while the full story can be pitched / published elsewhere. 

5. In addition to the cash prizes, winners will also get serious writing assignments with Half Baked Beans Publishing and with Writersmelon in their iMelonite program.

6. Writersmelon year book “Melon Slices” will be published in 2015. Selected stories will find a place in the book, in case they havn’t been published elsewhere in the meanwhile. 

Melonade’4 jury panel: 
We often read their books, love them, adore them and perhaps want to be one of them.Three words to describe the Melonade’4 jury panel would be. Inspiration, Inspiration and Inspiration
                                                              Manreet Sodhi Someshwar
Anurag Anand   Arnab Ray Ashwin Sanghi                   Preeti Shenoy,

Melonade’4 Bloggger support: 
Sometimes I wonder, what would we do without bloggers? From buying books, to movie tickets to cell phones, we just need to know what they think about it. Bloggers have literally made us super smart shoppers. Sharing this common insane passion for books and writing they will be screening the qualifying entries for Melonade’4.

 “M” blogs at Pendown                       PRB blogs at One and a half minutes : 


Melonade’4 Sponsors & associates :
Sharing the love for reading and writing we have three upcoming publishing houses, who are generously sponsoring the prizes. 

And like always showering us with books .

Melonade’4 Youth connect : 
Somehow campus and writing goes hand in hand. It is that phase in life which brings along a
series or rather a strong flush of emotions that are often penned down beautifully. Energetic publicity partners on board,
— Enjoy reading writersmelon.
Take a slice in writing!


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