It has been a amazingly eventful journey in the world of books and writing!

Living in different parts of the country and the frequent onsite “opportunities” as we love to call them. Going through various little battles that life and our ever demanding bosses throw at us …… it feels great that we have finally managed to pull this off for the third consecutive time Melonade 1Melonade’2  Melonade .

Writersmelon proudly presents its flagship event “Melonade ‘3” the 3rd avatar of its yearly nationwide creative writing competition.

We are honored and immensely grateful to have the amazing line up of judges – Rashmi BansalManreet Sodhi SomeshwarAshwin Sanghi  , Upendra Namburi and Amish Tripathi who have agreed to judge the select entries.

A special thanks to the ever supporting marketing team from Westland Books, may all your books become bestsellers 🙂 .

Before this post turns out to be a journey and autobiography of writersmelon….(which can come perhaps when we launch Melonade ’50)

We welcome you all , and a warm invite to participate and ‘win’ Melonade’3 . Please follow the rules mentioned in the poster.

Write to us at [email protected] in case of any queries.



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