Annual Writing Competition 

A humble beginning of a nationwide writing competition in 2009 is in its 6th edition. An annual writing competition, judged by eminent authors. Aimed at connecting with promising writers, Melonade is a great platform for fiction writers from all walks of life, to showcase their stories and to stand a chance to get published.

Melonde’6 – Coming Soon 

  Submissions Open in Oct’18  

Judges :


Melonade Selections 


Melonade Books

A story you wish was NEVER narrated to an eight-year-old. A chilly December morning and a lone gravestone – changed the day and Veena’s life.Old letters of a dead father. What secrets could they hold for a long lost daughter? An aging alcoholic superstar finds a magical cure for his incurable baldness. Usnis, Ankita and their seemingly ‘ideal marriage’ in an old city smelling of love. Woman on Diet. Man on Alur Chop. Train on Track. Fat is in the fire of love. No cute pink hearts. Colours of love, painted on paper in form of words – letters undefined. From middle-class Government quarter to a posh Neeti Bagh bungalow, Mrs Neeta did pay a price for this! After deserting his art, an artist finally joins pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that he could call art again. Arjun, Meenu and Niharika – three sides that convolute at vortexes, do not form a usual triangle. Life would have been very different for the characters in these stories, but for the choices they make. 

Spine chilling drama and suspense, quirky , funny and awkward moments, poetic love of hopeless romantics and a lot more is packed in this collection. Buy your copy now ! 



The spine chilling tale of Tina and her obsession with Uncle Joe. Graham, Daniel their friendship, life and death. Vampires, guardians adventures at night. Coffee, love and a new couple. Imli and her mother in a complex web of darkness. A small town girl confused about virginity. Michael Jaikishen and his writing endeavours. Child adoption by a gay couple. The epic Mahabharat re written in our own premises. And a juicy love story by our guest author Sujata Parashar

These and many other unputdownable stories in this book. First brush on the canvas, is a collection of 14 short stories by new authors who have put down compelling stories that are worth telling the world. Buy your copy now ! 


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