Melonade : And the winners are …

The ambitious dream of conducting a nationwide creative writing competition by the Melonites, finally came true when one fine day Karl Vadaszaffy, a UK based author with his book “Full of Sin” approached us to write a review. The much needed intellectual support was right there with us. All that we were looking for were the participants; poets who rhyme in their secret red diaries & bloggers who blog in their solitude.

After some brainstorming, creativity with the posters, constant follow ups with the fest organizers, marketing & all the hype shype on Facebook, the 4 month long writing marathon began. We went to three college festivals & many random colleges & websites where we promoted Melonade & got close to 70 entries. This was definitely an “Overwhelming” response, much more than what we expected

Writersmelon became the stage & Melonade became the reason, the motivation to write, to create, to think & yes like every competition in this world, “To Win”.
During this period, some great writing talent joined this creative journey, became Melonites & evaluated the Melonade entries. They selected qualifying entries at every phase & gave us a list of selected entries. We posted them on writersmelon & we realized it is always good to know that people are reading your work, following you & the best part is when they also have something to say about it.

So friends, just like all the good things come to an end, Melonade’10 also reaches its grand finale result stage. The baby steps taken by all the melonites brought us closer & took us far. The overall response to the Melonade’10  gives us more strength & confidence to come bigger & better next time.

So watch this space for some more writing talent …

Some quotes from people who made Melonade all that it is today …..
 “Thank you for inviting me to be part of Melonade. I was very surprised that I picked two poetry entries as winners. I usually prefer prose but was really taken in by a lot of the poetry”.
        Karl Vadazsaffy (Judge Melonade’10)
“Thanks a lot. Its an overwhelming experience for me to win this competition”.
        Dolly Thakkar (Winner of Melonade’10)
“I would like to thank Writersmelon team for giving me a valuable opportunity to express my thoughts. It was a great experience to compete with extremely creative minds. Also, I am extremely grateful to Mr. Karl Vadaszaffy for his time and support. I feel delighted having won this competition. The event has really been an encouragement to all the budding writers. It has always been a dream to get an exclusively signed book. I can say that it would be the most prized treasure for me. I am looking forward to take up writing professionally. Thank you!”
        Padmanabhan TA (1st Runner up Melonade’10)
“Thanks a lot for selecting my prose. It really means a lot to me. As an aspiring writer it always feels great when someone appreciates your work. I want to thank Karl for his nice comment on my work and also, to all the melonites for their every effort to make this competition a huge success”.
          Himanshu Aggarwal (2nd Runner up Melonade ’10)
It was a pleasure for Paramarsh’10 to be associated with WritersMelon.Wish you all the very best for the success of Melonade on behalf of the Organizing Committee of Paramarsh’10!
          Mayur T Khatri (Organizing Committee Paramarsh’10)
Congratulations and best wishes to all the winners and participants.
          Pratyasha (Evaluator Melonade’10)
……………………………And the list continues with your comments & feedback.


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