Meet the #Raakshas

The year has begun with loads of reading and we have a few amazing books already up for review. 
There’s no dearth of crime thrillers and murder mysteries in Indian English Literature now, but there sure is a lack of serial killing in all of them. Veteran filmmaker and author Piyush Jha has come up with a stellar one on serial killing, that is spine chillingly called Raakshas
We promise a lot of chill and mystery on this one! 

But wait…it’s a bit different from the other review requests we send you. 
You DON’T need to have a blog to review this book!

You need to review the book on the following platforms only –, and . Posting the review on your blog is absolutely not our requirement, you may do so only if you wish to. 
Sign up here  *50 copies available

Review policy:

  1. You have to publish 3 review posts on : Goodreads, Flipkart, and Amazon. 
  2. Please post the reviews within 15 days of receipt of the book. 
  3. Do not use abusive language and profane adjectives in your reviews. We appreciate if you don’t like the book, but please don’t hurl abuses at it or the author. 
  4. Please fill the form ONLY if you have profiles on all three platforms (Goodreads + Flipkart + Amazon) and at least 1 purchase from Amazon to be eligible for writing a review. 

And what is in store for you ?

  1. Those of you who are regular to our review program know that , we have a rewards program, wherein we have been accumulating points on your behalf, whenever you submit the review links. Some of you have already started redeeming these points. 
  2. But this time it is special. We are also giving away additional vouchers worth Rs 500 to the first set of 3 reviews (Goodreads + Flipkart + Amazon) will receive Rs 500 worth vouchers each. 

So what are you waiting for ? Claim your review copies NOW !


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