Marital Chains – Uttiya Roy


What do you do when your cherished love marriage turns into a highly abusive one?

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

Ankita smiled at the round face which couldn’t stop staring at her. Modernity dictated that people in arranged marriages ended up going on dates too. Romantic comedies had finally captured Bengali imaginations and this occasion, sitting on the bank of a river with your suitor, answering questions on a Christmas Eve, was one of the more beautiful results.

Usnis was an upper-middle-class boy who had mapped out his life by the time he was ten.

Ankita was the fifth woman the saw. She walked in with long hair and a red saree, and he hadn’t looked back since.

Two years pass frantically in a city, and for newlyweds, years might as well resemble hours. Their apartment smelled of urbanity while they tried to hold up their vintage-ness as well.

About the author:

Uttiya is a person who reads a little too many books in a reader’s nook in the City of Joy. He writes literature with the naive dreams of changing a bit of the world, and aspires to research so as to help humanity to progress more.

He also writes wonderfully in this blog.

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