Being A Fan Of Mythological Fiction Made Utkarsh Pandey Write Manthan

“A story of a young boy destined to be a God that would end the atrocities in the world and the demon responsible for it…. But is he ready?”

Manthan is a mythological fiction about a boy, Vasu, who is prophesied to be Kalki – the next avatar of Vishnu. He would end Kaliyug and in the process hold the demon Kali responsible for it. But, unlike the boy who does not not know about his destiny, Demon Kali had all the time to prepare for this. Will Vasu be successful in taking up the role of Kalki? You have to read Manthan to find out!

Your journey with Manthan

‘Each Story is worth telling!’

A fan of mythological fiction, an idea popped up in my mind while reading few articles on the internet. One article was related to Kaliyug and description of yugas with a prophecy that Kalki, the final avatar would actually end the Kaliyug and bring the Earth back on path of righteousness. On a tea break and in a lighter mood, we were having discussions with colleagues as to how God would do it given to present world scenarios. This is where my friends, the canvas was laid.

The journey is far more difficult one would think it would be. It needs tremendous amount of patience and focus to actually cover the path you have laid for yourself.

For me, the moment I wrote fifty pages, I was desperately searching the net as to how to get published, how much money I could make, how to promote the book and what not. The focus shifted.

It took some time to realize, that writing book is not about all the stuff I mentioned above. It is just to bring your heart out. Rest all may be important but are secondary.

Your advice for aspiring authors

Patience as I mentioned above is a key virtue. You see, I was a young unmarried guy when I started the book. By the time it gets published, I have a son. It is important to complete what you have started and let world decide how it is. As far you are concerned, you have already achieved the success for you have actually completed what you have started and if you look at statistics, you belong to a number that is quite less. Also, you possess something now that very few will possess, a book in your name and your name as an author.

About the author: 

Utkarsh is a Software Engineer, based out of Noida, India. An avid reader and photographer right from his school days, this is his first foray into writing. Utkarsh spends his time reading, watching movies and traveling. He lives in Delhi with his wife and newborn son.

Author(s): Utkarsh Pandey
Publisher: Aarahan Publishers
Release: September 2017
Genre: Fiction/Mythology
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