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Madhuri Iyer, bestselling author of Manhattan Mango and Pink Champagne, is back with another blockbuster – The Strongman’s Daughter. 

madhuriiyerWhy do you write? What made you write this book?

I really love writing. There’s absolutely no other reason. That said, I believe authors should get their fair compensation for the hard work that’s put in.

The Strongman’s Daughter was conceived from an idea I felt strongly about. I’ve chosen a  very current topic and made it interesting. Interesting because it’s seen through the eyes of a beautiful, privileged young girl.

About the book

madhuriyerI try not to write genres, I just write stories with mass appeal. This novel could be defined as drama, with some suspense, intrigue, and romance thrown in. And yes, lots of surprises in store! The protagonist, Aditi, is the daughter of a very corrupt father. When her father expects her to join politics, and be his ‘heir’ to the CM’s throne, she rebels.

That’s the unique thing – Aditi is an idealistic young girl who actually has a conscience, and is prepared to take on an evil, corrupt person, even if that person happens to be her father. She’s supported in her mission by a stranger – sexy activist Raj Dias, with whom she shares a tempestuous love-hate equation.

What do you think the readers will love about the book?

They’ll totally relate to Aditi’s dilemma. What if they had to face a similar situation? What would they do in those circumstances? That will draw readers in, and makes them live Aditi’s nail-biting tussle. The fight is between a vulnerable girl and her powerful enemy, the Chief Minster of Goa, who has an entire police force at his command.

So the question is, who’s going to win this epic saga of survival? I feel the tension is what will keep the readers hooked!

A little more about Madhuri Iyer

I’ve done a couple of best-selling novels before, and each one has been a quite different. Manhattan Mango is set the Big Apple, where three young Indian friends manage to find themselves in the throes of constant chaos. They’re dealing with angsty meltdowns, girlfriend issues, pink slips, and parent problems – everything that tests their friendship to the limit!

I’ve also written a romance, titled Pink Champagne. It’s a sweet love story between two unlikely individuals. In the non-fiction space, my lifestyle and wellness books, including The Supermom Cookbook, are doing very well.

Do you have a writing schedule? How do you deal with writer’s block?

There’s no schedule. I think I’m at my most productive in the mornings. Odd as this sounds, I’ve  never experienced the writer’s block. In fact, I seem to have the opposite problem. The ideas are all lined up, the stories are humming in my head, but I need the physical time to pen them.

Your advice to aspiring authors

I’m really not qualified to give advice. But I do feel reading is a fantastic way to keeping up with literary styles and good stories. Follow the authors you like. It helps you to write better.

I’ll only add, if you love writing, write. And if your work is recognized, it’s the biggest bonus in life! However, the competition is crazy, no question about it. So if you can market your own work, it gives you a good shot at making a splash in the media, particularly in the online space.

Madhuri’s favourite books and authors

I pick up any kind of book, depending on my mood. It could be classic, like Dr. Zhivago, or a light read, maybe an Agatha Christie. I also enjoy John Grisham’s legal thrillers. Has it impacted my writing? I’m not sure, because what I write is quite different from what I read.

I must confess, though, I do fantasize about writing whodunit thrillers. In fact, I’m working on a series right now. It’s set in Alibag. When it’s published, you’ll hear about it, for sure.

Author: Madhuri Iyer
Publisher: Fingerprint
Release: December 2016
Genre: Fiction / Contemporary
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