Writing Prompt: I Love My Work

‘Love what you do, even if you’re not doing what you love.’
Do you love your work?
Sadly, there aren’t many among us who love what they do. Or even realise what they really want to do. But the key is to love what you’re doing at present. It will make your life better.
Write to us about the work you do, the work you’d love to do or if you’re doing the work that you’d love to. Pen a story about what you learned from your first job.
Confused? Don’t be. Tap at your keyboard and start writing about #ILoveMyWork.

Write a short story or article on any of the above ideas and we’ll publish the 10 best on Writersmelon and award them. The entries will be judged by author Tomson Robert whose book Stories of Work, Life & the Balance in Between is in focus this month on Writersmelon.

Please read the rules below carefully.

Spin a little story on the work you love to do or the work you’re currently doing.

  • Upload your entries on this form 
  • Please keep it to maximum 500 words.
  • Multiple entries allowed.
  • Please use Word doc only & do not upload PDF or JPG files
  • Last date : 12 December, 2016
  • 3 best entries will receive gift vouchers worth Rs 1000 each.
  • We will publish 10 selected entries on writersmelon.com


2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: I Love My Work

  1. #ilovemywork this is th eonly thing i know,this is the only thing i do or have done all these years.I can’t imagine my life without it.It gives me a feeling of joy n happiness.It makes me sense wealth ,pwoer ,blood ,desire.I wish I could get away with the pain but all the packages come with assets liabilities.
    This is me this is my identity.taking it from me would leave me incomplete and unwanted.
    I pleadge to live by it all through out my life.

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