When Love Happens is a Very Sweet and Down to Earth Story

When love happens - By Manish Kumar

When Love Happens is the story of a simple guy named Nish hailing from Biharsharif, a village that is eighty kilometres away from Patna. Nish falls in love with a girl at a very early age. Nish fondly calls this girl ‘G’ as she is almost equivalent to God in Nish’s eyes. G belongs to the same class as Nish and their sweet love story begins when they are in their eleventh standard of school.

Since both of them hail from the same village and in order to avoid social ostracism they keep contact via exchange of letters. While Nish wants to tell the world about his love for G, G is scared of her family and so breaks up with Nish. Nish is crestfallen about this and decides to focus on his education and future instead.

Life for Nish is harsh, since he does not belong to a well to do family. So, after the break up, Nish becomes determined about securing a place in one of the esteemed engineering colleges in India. But as life throws challenges after challenges at Nish, he is unable to face his challenges and ends up in a mediocre college. In college, Nish again comes in contact with G and he starts dreaming about a future together. Nish soon come to know that G won’t be able ever able to marry Nish as her family is finding a different groom for G.

Nish is yet again let down by his faith. He soon loses hope of being with the love of his love forever. In order to get over G, Nish finds his solace in writing and poetry. After leaving college, Nish gets a job but Nish finds it difficult to handle his job. Nish’s only motivation throughout this hell was his love for G and faith in God. Even after all that Nish went through, Nish never loses his hope as he believes that the love of his life has made him stronger than before and his utmost faith in God keeps him striving for a better life.

When Love Happens is a very sweet and down to earth story about letting go off the loved ones in one’s lives. What starts as a love story of a young boy ends up as his struggle story.

The character Nish, is a strong and respectable character. Nish has loved only one girl throughout his life and even when his love goes away from him, he does not complain. He understands the social norms within the society. This is why when G states her fears about their secret love affair being known by the entire village, Nish understands her and he never makes a fuss. Nish even cares for his family, and this is why he works very hard to find a proper college and respectable profession for himself in order to make his parents proud. There are multiple instances in the book where one can see Nish telling the readers that he won’t do anything that would let his parents down.

Now coming to the book, When Love Happens shows the ugly side of the society (in this case, a village) where the fact that two young people can fall in love and marry someone who they choose themselves is frowned upon. The society’s mentality does not let Nish and G be together. It also shows the ugly side of the job sector of the country where qualified people don’t get the jobs they deserve and has to work with minimal amenities.

Another aspect of the book that I liked is the showcase of Nish’s friendship with his friends. The few bits and pieces of college fun that is shown in a book will bring back happy memories to readers. Also, one can find numerous beautiful poetry pieces in the book. The book ends with a positive note and the book will definitely motivate those who want to move forward in life even when their love life has failed.

Reviewed by : Sulagna Mondal

Author(s): Manish Kumar
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Release: November 2017
Genre: Fiction/Romance
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