Love across the borders : Why Indo-China ?

We interviewed Sudama Chandra; author of the book “Love across the borders” and we brought out several aspects to his writing. But one thing that we insisted the author to speak about in slightly greater detail was the heart of his book. No , not just the love but the unusual and a very intriguing backdrop for the book book : Indo China relations .This is what the author had to say.

I am a student of Political science and have read foreign policies of India and international relations. It’s this background that gave me the confidence to write this novel. Pure fiction and past study amalgamated into this book : Love Across the borders ! 
Indian book market is replete with young adult titles, so this one may seem another in the chip but this is a different book because it highlights Indo-China relations and only romance helps in showing the points clearly. ‘Love Across the Borders’ is an effort to show the flash points of bilateral relations to which the politicians of two countries should direct their attention for the larger interest of mankind, development and peace.  
India and China shares long boundary and culture and religion. History is replete with interactions between people of the two countries, in trade and commerce, culture, religion and religious study. The Silk route history is known to all when traders from both countries would travel along inaccessible mountain pass to further trade. But ever since the 1962 War debacle, the situation is more or less subdued or dormant thanks to the wave of globalisation. We have economic ties and doing good business. Still time to time we would hear Visa problems, boundary questions, questions of Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh, issue of Dalai Lama fighting from Indian soil for the liberation of Tibet.
Today, many Indians are studying in Chinese universities and Indian companies are doing business successfully in China and the same is true for the Chinese people also. People have nothing to do with politics, only they are unnecessarily dragged into the muck of war or estranged relations. Earlier they lived in tandem and today also they do so.
In my town, a Chinese Power company was busy constructing a power plant for an aluminium project. At this time, situation so warranted, as news spread that China has been trying to mobilise army around North-eastern India. Then Indians from Arunachal Pradesh were issued Stapled Visa. India decided to retaliate and chose not to renew Visa.At this time, Chinese began to return to the mainland in fear of another showdown between two countries.
Beads of terror surround India’s boundary as a result she has fought many wars with those individual beads. The devastation of war shivers the minds of people. Time and again, threat of war flashes in the borders of India. The spectre of 1962 war with China is still lively in the lyric of Kabi Pradeep, “Aei Mere Watan ke Logon, jara Ankh mein Bharlo pani…” The soulful rendering of the song by the legendary Lata Mangeskar still creates a wave of patriotism and urges a no war situation. 
Every other day, I’d hear and read about the fragile indo-China relation. The boundary is still a pending issue between the two countries. Arunachal Pradesh is still a contentious area and the stock piling of nuclear warheads by China is still a concern for India’s security. Dalai Lama still fights from Indian Territory for the independence of Tibet from the Chinese administration.

Possibly, past egged me to write a story taking the bilateral factors into view. “Love Across Borders” is an effort to make a wreath of words to highlight the issues as far as possible. I’ve taken the help of romance to drive home the points and leave the time to resolve the issues for the larger interest of mankind and development.
Jia a Chinese girl loves an Indian boy Jivan and the bilateral issues become the villain to drive a wedge in the relation of love. Love makes the difference as it replaces hatred by peace. It’s the absence of love that breeds war and threaten peace.
It’s completely a fictional story, only the issues are real. While depicting the issues, history has certainly guided me but as a writer I’ve presented those issues when situation demanded not in the order of history or original sequences.
Today’s globalised world demands peace and we can ill afford another war in the border.
I hope, Love Across borders will create some ripples in the minds of people and intelligentsia. Time may help resolving the issues but I think it’s high time to drive our resources and time towards averting war. Better live in peace and carry forward the ideal of ‘Vasudaiva Kutumbakam’ the world is an extended family.
‘Oh peace
We always seek
Where are you?
Reign here please.’

—- Sudama Chandra Panigrahi 
       Author of the month for his book
       Love across the borders


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