Small Steps to Big Reading By Dr Hozefa Bhinderwala , is a book for making it easy even for a non-regular reader to read at least a couple of pages

Dr. Hozefa A Bhinderwala, is a renowned Mumbai Psychiatrist practising since last 20 years. He also has 10 years of experience as a School Counselor in various schools of different Boards and curriculum. His passion for simplifying Neuroscience and making it practically usable for the layman is evident in his presentations and videos on YouTube. He is a jovial, gentle, occasionally irritable and properly hyper type of person.

Small Steps To Big Reading is his second book after SPEED READ, which was India’s first fully illustrated book on Speed Reading that was published in 2006 by Shloka Publications.

Learn a lot through his narration in our Author’s Corner today.

What made you write?

Early in my career, I discovered very early that people were reluctant to approach a psychiatrist for mental health issues. I made a set of 35 mm plastic slides on various psychiatric illnesses like Panic Disorder, Schizophrenia, Depression, and Anxiety. I started making presentations to willing audiences in Schools, Colleges, Mosques, Churches, wherever an opportunity presented. I hoped people would see how I can help and approach me as clients. Something else happened. Nobody would question me on the topics I presented, but they would bombard me with issues relating to their school- college going children. And they were not turning up as clients either.

I realized a couple of years and 100 odd presentations later, they wanted parenting help more than anything else. I put aside my Psychiatry slides deck and made a new set of slides on ‘How to Stop Fighting with Your Children.’ It was an instant hit among parents and I received many invitations to speak and some clients as well. There was a catch to it. After every presentation, the questions got more and more challenging pushing me to read more on parenting. This was about the time I had stumbled upon the concept of Speed Reading and started buying books on the topic to improve my reading speed.

After devouring a dozen books on the topic, it dawned on me and I shared that understanding with my father that there was not a single renowned Indian author on the subject. My father said, ‘If it is a good thing and no one here has done it, it means you should do it.’ He was referring to me writing the first Indian book on Speed Reading.

I started writing down my thoughts on Speed Reading and made a skeleton of the book. The first 2-3 publishers I approached were extremely discouraging. One of them told me that nothing would work out for me for the next 5 years. One day I met the publisher of Shloka Publications, Mr. Krishnanand at his office for some other work and made a passing mention of the concept of Speed Reading. To my good fortune, he had not heard of it and when I explained, he popped the big question, ‘Will you write for us?’

My first book, Speed Read was published in 2006 by Shloka Publications, who retained the copyrights of the publishing. They closed shop 8 years ago and with them died my book. My attempts at getting the copyrights from them were in vain as the staff had changed and I wasn’t game for too much legal paperwork.

About this book

Not having a great guarantee of a very long life, I decided to use my experience of years of training people in Reading Enhancement to come up with my second book Small Steps to Big Reading. This book is loaded with illustrations, making it easy even for a non-regular reader who thumbs through the pages to want to read at least a couple of pages. It’s lean in size (less than 120 pages) and a physical tool devised by me called the Longitudes makes it easy to race through a line of print at 3-4 times the original speed are what I think will make it a book that people will read and recommend to others as well. If by investing 100 minutes of your time, your reading speed and comprehension, both can increase, why wouldn’t you read it?

Why do you write?

I write because we have a legacy of education in the family. I am the youngest of 7 brothers. My parents in the 5th decade of their life attended night school behind children in their pre-teens so that they could educate us. Two of my older brothers aged 63 years and 53 years are still appearing for exams of some sort or the other. It is through writing that I learn and I love to share what I learn. (Also, it feels good to be known as an author.)

Is there a writing schedule you follow? 

No writing schedule, I write when I find time. Used Voice Recognition Software to facilitate my writing. Whatsapp now recognizes your voice and converts your speech to text, something that aspiring writers should be able to use.

Author: Dr Hozefa Bhinderwala
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Release: November 2016
Genre: Non Fiction / Linguistics
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