Writing Liberates Me, Sets Me Free: Sudhanshu Bisen

I write because writing unchains me, liberates me and sets me free.

Who is Sudhanshu Bisen?

sudhanshuI work as Chief Copy Editor with The Times of India. Born in Nagpur, I have travelled to places for education, including Cardiff University, UK, where I went for a Masters in International Journalism. My profession has allowed me to cover some of the greatest extravaganzas around the globe. I am a recipient of ‘Best Young Journalist’ award.

As a person, I would describe myself as someone who truly believes in the power of love. A hopeless romantic, I feel love is the only thing that should be ceaseless in this era when we are living a measured life. As in author, I hope to inculcate in my readers that faith in love. All in all, I believe in the power of love and dream about scripting breathtaking stories of selfless love.

How do you balance writing with your day job?

As mentioned earlier, I am a journalist and I feel lucky that my work involves writing and editing stories on a daily basis. Even at my workplace, I am only brushing my writing skills, knowingly or unknowingly, which I feel is a blessing in disguise.

What made you write this book?

I always had this sort of story in my mind and wanted to share it with the world. I believed in this story and felt, even with a plethora of love stories around us, nothing of this sort has been shared by anyone. I never used to write blog posts but being a journalist, was writing a lot of features at my job. I didn’t know how to go about it initially. I just started bleeding all over the keyboard. Luckily, things shaped up soon.

thousand-times-overAbout the book

‘We all promise to love the love of our life forever, but how many actually live up to it?’ This book shows that pure love knows no boundaries. It is a love story with a very emotional string attached to it, the kind of thing each and every one of us would associate with. The story revolves around Aahana Basu, a quintessential wife and a loving mother, who comes around a blog written by a 17-year old Nishith Singh. Things start to get interesting when Aahana discovers some unexplainable connection with Nishith’s world.

What do you think readers will love about the book?

The story has got a good pace and doesn’t beat around the bushes. But I guess the readers would love how the story would make them fall in love, with love.

More about Sudhanshu Bisen

I mostly write about love. I write Love Quotes on Instagram, that has quite a fan following. I have a liking for writing Love Quotes. I plan to start my second novel soon. It will be a romantic thriller.

Is there a writing schedule you follow? How do you deal with writer’s block?

First thing while dealing with writer’s block is not to panic or rate yourself as a writer. In fact, I feel writer’s block is a good thing to have, for, when you are ‘unblocked’, you end up writing better than what you had initially planned.

Your advice to aspiring writers

I just would advise the aspiring authors to bleed, just bleed all over the laptop.

Write, write the dirtiest draft of your story but do write. Everything else takes care itself.

While publishing, the most important thing is patience. Believe in your manuscript and wait for the right publisher. I was lucky to have been selected by Fingerprint Publishers, one of the best in the business. And I managed to do it because I had the patience. You have to be pro-active while marketing your books as well.

Your favourite authors and books

I am a huge fan of Indian authors. Novoneel Chakraborty’s books have inspired me a lot. I can just relate to his style of writing. Rest, I can read across all genres. You hand me a book and I would be happy to start reading.

Author: Sudhanshu Bisen
Publisher: Prakash Books / Fingerprint
Release: 2016
Genre: Fiction / YA
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