Lessons from unemployment

I finished my engineering degree exactly a decade ago. And I was waiting for my first breakthrough, which was never happening. After some arduous encounters, I joined a Steel manufacturing plant, where i have to work in shifts. It really took toil in my personal health.
On one day, I woke up at 2AM in the morning and started out for having some dinner in the canteen, without knowing the time. I wanted to break away from this and I followed the world by preparing for CAT. I took the biggest gamble by quitting my job and started my preparations for CAT, XAT and all those management exams. Like the remaining 95% of the aspirants I also landed up in a financially unviable and not so reputed (tier 2 types) MBA college.
This MBA degree drained me financially and I was left with rising debt for my educational loan. Left with no other choice, I started sitting in all the companies towards the fag end of the placements and got two offers , one from an insurance company and other one from a startup. I took up the big insurance company for the brand value without realizing the iceberg ahead of me!
Things turned out really bad, when I could no longer sell insurance and was about to leave my job. I landed up in India’s largest Private bank, for selling home loans. It turned from bad to worse and I had my first date with the world of dirty corporate politics.
Life doesn’t stop and so was my personal life; pacing up in full speed! I got married and was expecting our first baby. I took the biggest risk of my life by quitting the job and was still in search of my dream job. The wait is a little longer one this time as I toiled hard and even cracked some of interviews till the last round. But somehow the offers eluded me. Finally after ten months, I got an offer, for which I had to take 15% cut from my CTC!
But there is a saying; “Hard work never goes unnoticed”. May be I am destined to be here. Today, I am handling the largest business of my SBU, which was handed over to me when I was just three months old into the system. Those ten months of unemployment increased my hunger to succeed and I will never forget those dark days and the experiences which were better than any motivational book.
Today, whenever I have a bad day at office, I just remember those days and work even harder for the results. Today there are no regrets whatsoever. In exams, we have been taught and then tested. But in life, we gets tested and then we are taught a lesson!

—– Manikandan Iyer


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