The Leadership Sutra — By Devdutt Pattanaik

sutraThis is the first time I am reading Devdutt Pattanaik and I was excited about it. I was aware that he is a leadership consultant and that’s the reason I was desperate to read this book and didn’t give a second thought when it reached me. After reading this book I admit that this is a fantastic and interesting read especially for those who are interested in Hindu mythology as in this book, a management lesson is taught through mythology. The entire book is on Durga and Shakti, that is dependence on external power and dependability on invoking one’s internal power respectively.

The book is divided into four parts –  Significance, Property, Rules and Stability. The Leadership Sutra shows the power of Durga, that is the importance of strength in society. Among all the chapters, the one on Stability is my personal favorite. Each and every chapter makes you ponder that there are solutions in our mythology which guide us to take decisions. There are many mythological events that I came to know after reading this book.

It is written in such a way that no difficult jargon being used, the language is easily digestible, and also portraits that are drawn in every chapter really help the readers to decipher the message. Every chapter starts with an interesting event from the mythology and then the author explains why that mythological character took that particular decision, shifting to the current scenario – what we ought to do if we are facing that particular situation in this 21st century and how to cope up with the situation are perfectly articulated.

There is a short story on how people have issues taking orders from their bosses. Each and every person can compare himself with the story of Virendra, where he is being admired in his own family but when he is at his job or office, he has to take orders, follow the rules and take permission for every matter.

The short stories, easy language, narration style and examples in every chapter make this book interesting and perfect for the management studies. Don’t complete the book at one go – read it slowly and implement these sutras in your day to day life to be a great leader. I highly recommend this introspecting book, it is a must read.

Highlights from the book

How boom and recession affect every person. The eye opening chapter on physical power or mental power and which is more powerful. Why we offer haldi, kumkum and chaval to deities.

There’s a funny chapter on gossip.

How comparison grants us value and how a person is being affected by the social structure.

We will always resist change, but the sutras teach us that “only thing constant in life is a change.”

dpAbout the author:

Devdutt Pattanaik is a renowned author, mythologist and leadership consultant. He has written over thirty bestselling books, published several hundred articles and given numerous talks and presentations on Indian mythology, culture, business and management. He was formerly the Chief Belief Officer of the Future Group.
He is currently a much sought-after speaker, leadership coach, management advisor and consultant on diversity and culture.

Author: Devdutt Pattanaik
Publisher: Aleph Book Company
Release: May 2016
Genre: Non Fiction / Management
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Reviewed by Nitin Vadher


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