These Circuses That Sweep Through The Landscape – By Tejaswini Apte-Rahm

Imagine gliding through a lush verdant landscape with seasons and climates passing by. Sometimes the green glistens with rain, sometimes it appears yellowed and scorched by the sun and at other times it turns myrtle from the bitter cold. Tejaswini Apte-Rahm’s short stories are like graduated terraces in a vast landscape, each of them a step ahead of the other, rushed through various seasons. It’s like a roller coaster ride of emotions via each story, wonderfully bound together into a bouquet of a book.

These Circuses That Sweep Through The Landscape begins with a powerful story – Homo Coleoptera. How often do we read about beetle collectors and their whims? Mr Ghosh, the protagonist has been described to the T, and yet only in the end, you would realize that his beautiful wife has an important role to play too. The stories that follow are definitely strong enough to hold your attention. My favourite turned out to be The Girl Who Loved Dean Martin. There is such poise and lilting melody (literally) in the story that you are bound to fall in love. I could almost imagine myself to be in the same shoes with Diana. Sandalwood is another gem in this rivière of stories. I had certain expectations with the way the story proceeded but was happily stumped in the climax. I’d recommend this one to anyone picking up this book. The Mall is a spine chilling story and it almost suffocated me with the intensity of events and emotions. The title story deserves a special mention since it is the most elaborate and carefully written among the others. Again, the climax stands out from the rest of the story and was incredible.

There were a couple of stories that kind of waned in this lovely waxing graph. I couldn’t particularly identify with Mili and Drinks at Seven. Both of these stories seemed a little rushed to me to reach completion, losing their flow in the way.

Tejaswini Apte-Rahm is here to stay, and she might even rule if she wished to. It is indelibly difficult to charm readers through short stories than a novel as there’s a chance to choose to drop one and move abruptly to another. That’s the point where the author earns her brownies and I only wish she’d come up with more great writing, soon.

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Author: Tejaswini Apte-Rahm
Publisher: Aleph Book Company
Release: December 2016
Genre: Fiction / Anthology
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