Killing Time In Delhi Is Filled With Humour And Mystery

Killing Time in delhi

Being an ardent mystery lover, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to read this book. It seemed like a fun relaxing read with a sprinkle of suspense and mystery. A perfect read for me after my exams. So, I picked up the book hoping that it’ll be a good read for me and boy, was I right!

In a Nutshell

The story is mainly about Chaitanya Seth aka Charlie who suddenly finds himself in the middle of two murders – one of his girlfriends and the second of Buffet Bhatt. While his girlfriend died of a drug overdose, Buffet Bhatt is found dead at a party where Charlie escapes to in search for an alibi but instead becomes a prime suspect in his murder. This leads to a cat and mouse game and Charlie finds himself in a situation where everything goes against him and the people whom he thought were loyal change sides.

That’s when another character enters the story, Mandy, who takes over Charlie’s life and starts dictating him to do things. Charlie, unable to help himself has no other option but to follow her. You gotta read to find out what happens next. Does Charlie get arrested for a crime he doesn’t commit? Or does he escape? Who’s the mysterious Mandy that suddenly makes her appearance? And who did kill Buffet Bhatt? All these questions will be answered once you read the book!

What I Loved

Humorous, mysterious and filled with suspense, ‘Killing Time in Delhi‘ by Ravi Shankar Etteth is a must read for all readers, irrespective of the genres they prefer. It is written in a perfect pace, neither too slow nor too fast and the length of the book is proper as well. In short, it’s not a drag as few of the other books. The writing and narration style is quirky, crisp as well as funny as it makes you laugh from time to time. The way the author presents Delhi and it’s unique vibe with the help of certain details and nicknames is quite extraordinary. Even though I’m not situated in Delhi, I could actually visualise how the elites of Delhi lived, surrounded by drugs, alcohol and sex. The cover of the book just adds to the reason why I loved the book.

The book also portrays the life of the rich – how everything is only about drugs, sex and money. It is an interesting and gripping tale filled with dark humour, sarcasm and wit. It can fill you with tension as you might not be able to predict the ending. Even though I feel like it’s a one time read, it’s definitely worth it. Filled with mystery, comic aspects and satirical elements, I recommend ‘Killing Time in Delhi‘ to every reader.

Author(s): Ravi Shankar Etteth
Publisher: Westland Publications 
Release: January 2019
Genre: Fiction/Contemporary
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