Extraordinary Indians – By Khushwant Singh

Extraordinary Indians by Khushwant Singh throws light on the illustrious life of 50 Indians (and one Pakstani), who stood the test of time and have influenced the author one way or the other, with the countless number of hours spent with those extraordinary personalities. The people in the book are those whom the author admires and respects, from the deep core of his heart, which includes politicians, spiritual gurus, writers/artists, family and others.

My personal copy of the book Extraordinary Indians, is annotated and underlined so that I can reread it again and again. A master of his craft, the author has showcased the life of these Indians, the way they are, and not by what is/was hyped by the media.

The author shares the lessons learnt from those personalities over the course of time and also the mistakes he committed. Khuswant Singh has a knack of telling stories in a way that only a few can iterate. The book will take you to a trip down the memory lane into how they built India from a scratch and how their decisions changed the course of history in an altogether different path than it was under the British Rule.

Every single person in the book has contributed towards the development of India and have inspired a generation. The book is informative and at the same time is inspiring. You will love learning the tricks of the trade from the legends mentioned in the book and I can assure you your life will never be the same again once you have read about all the legendary personalities. Life will be propelled into an altogether different path, in which you are bound to spell success in your life and at the same time the book will be the food for your brain. There is so much of knowledge that you can gain from this book; like a treasure hunt, where the more you dig the more knowledge you unearth. The command over the words, will keep you spellbound making the book an ultimate page turner. It feels as if the words are effortlessly spelled onto the book.

Extraordinary Indians is a tribute to the legendary Indians by Khuswant Singh and is fit for readers of all ages. Grab a copy of the book soon.

Reviewed by : Kishand Chand Swain

Author(s): Khushwant Singh
Publisher: Aleph Book Company
Release: August 2017
Genre: Non Fiction/Journalism
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