Kaveri Nambisan’s prose is a feast for all the senses

Kaveri NambisanKaveri Nambisan’s prose is a feast for all the senses. She is a different kind of writer – quiet, intense and not keen to be in the limelight – let the writing speak for itself – seems to be her motto. This brilliant surgeon-turned-writer focuses on writing stories that connect you with the earth.

Be it in ‘On Wings of Butterflies,’ ‘The Scent of Pepper’ or ‘Mango-coloured fish,’ Kaveri Nambisan excels in exploring situations that force Indian women to change their dreams, goals and aspirations. She probes how this impacts the family and upon society.Her novels are achingly human and flawed.

41378GmSnYL._SX316_BO1,204,203,200_ (1)On Wings of Butterflies clearly mirrored her experiences as a surgeon who understands the problems faced by women in rural areas. The novel offers a bold critique on the exploitation of Indian women at all levels – physically, mentally and psychologically. The central theme is that women, no matter what their financial state is, are always pushed into a corner.


 ‘The Scent of Pepper’  takes you on an i51dK+v77tHL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_nteresting journey into Coorg. You cannot help being swept away by some of the real life stories that the author has woven into her story, many of which she is known to have heard from her grandmother.


MCFMango-coloured Fish’ is my personal favorite and it is about a young girl who is unsure about marriage though she is already engaged. She ponders about the meaning of marriage, questions why she should marry and this thought-provoking tale is presented with tenderness and verve.

The hills

The ‘Hills of Angheri’ tells the story of young Nalli’s struggle to be a doctor. She has to leave the village of Angheri but she remains connected to it throughout the narrative. Nalli’s struggle is that she has to prioritize between her demanding career and her life in the village that she feels strongly connected to. In the backdrop, you get a very real experience of Nalli, a woman doctor, and how she tackles the trials of a doctor’s life.


Swapna Raghu Sanand is the author of Tryst with Divinity, Pearl of Divinity & Blossoms (An Anthology of Poems). She lives inside the pages of the books that she reads and feels heartbroken when she has to move on to the next one. Her writings are based on her personal spiritual experiences.

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