Karan Sharma, On Turning From a Battle-Hardened Businessman To a Writer


Who is Karan Sharma ? 

A commerce graduate, battle-hardened businessman. Karan Sharma runs a very successful family business which kept him completely occupied for the last 10-11 years. Ardent John Grisham fan, writing was always something at the back of his mind. But finally it was his children and their growing interest in reading books, that finally inspired Karan to take up writing more seriously and his very first book came out.

“Writing gives me the opportunity to free myself and live the life of the characters in my books”

Karan Sharma started writing 12-13 years back when he graduated from college. Always wanting to write stories that are fun, logical and thought provoking, Karan wrote the story of his first book around 12 years ago. And when he warmed up to the idea of self publishing, he rewrote the story in a month’s time from the original 10000 words story to a 38000 words full fledged novel.  Karan is currently working on his second book, a romantic thriller and is hoping to release in the next 4-6 months. The third book, which too is partly written is around “idealism” and the youth of India. But we know the kind of excitement it brings along, when one gets published for the very first time ! And this is what Karan had to say;

“The day my book got published on Amazon kindle, it was 21st September. It was one of the real highs of my life. I was so damn excited!”

About the book 

Writersmelon-It Happens-Karan-SharmaGautam, a twenty-five-year-old upcoming professional and Roshni, an unmarried thirty-seven-year-old senior management member working in the same multinational bank. What happens when they fall in love? Can two people with such a vast age difference be compatible?

They say love is blind and makes one think with the heart, rather than the mind. What will two smart professionals do? Will they listen to their logical senses at the last moment to avert what may be the biggest blunder of their lives?

It Happens is a romantic comedy that explores this situation in a light-hearted manner, getting laughed at by their friends, developing a cold feet, thinking about the repercussions their age difference could have on their marriage.

Since this happens in India, where marriage is a major social issue, the plot holds further intrigue.

At a broader level, the story questions every important decision that we take in our life. It is always a conflict between the selfless heart and a selfish mind. Selfish, not in a negative connotation, but just looking out for one’s own interest. You have to choose between your gut feeling and logic. The book is all about this conflict and who wins. 

Some advice on the writing process

1) The most important part of the story is your main theme. What is it that you want to write about ? Once you have decided the topic, you should freeze where the story will start and where it will end. Once this concept is clear along with the main characters, rest is all about adding the masala to the story and making it interesting for the reader to read. Challenge and success for any author is to be able to keep the story running in the reader’s mind when he decides to take a break from reading the book.

2) The whole process of writing to editing to publishing to marketing has been an eye opener for me. I was completely new to all of this and had no clue how to go about. I read one book about self publishing and that became a reference point. I did a lot of research on all these topics and still continue to do so. But doing it all alone with no one to guide me has in itself been a great high for me. I also probably learnt a lot because of this “hands on” approach. 

3) Writing a good book is just one part of the process. Ensuring that it is marketed and promoted well is the other big part. You may have a great story but it has to reach the audience for them to read it.When you become an author, you become an entrepreneur. You are the writer, coordinator, self publisher, PR and marketing guy, sales rep and much more. All rolled up into one. So become an author and be ready to enter an exciting journey in your life. I was lucky that I have worked in my own business for 23 years which gave me experience to undertake this journey as a new challenge in life.

writersmelon-it-happens-karan-sharmaAbout the author : After more than twenty years of working in a highly successful family business and owning a popular brand in the interiors industry, Karan decided it was time to get into self publishing—an idea that came to mind when he saw his son having so much fun reading books. It rekindled a latent passion for writing that he had developed after his college days, leading to his first book. Karan has a beautiful family with two young boys, Aakash and Aayansh, and Aarti as his lovely life companion. He is a commerce graduate and a battle-hardened businessman. His other passions include both playing and watching cricket and football, as well as being an avid traveller.

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Author(s): Karan Sharma
Publisher: Notion Press
Release: 2017
Genre: Fiction/Romance
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