It Happens By Karan Sharma Is A Light-hearted, Fast-paced Read

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Love is the most beautiful emotion in the world. It has many layers of unexplored emotions. The most feasible step after love is marriage, where the bond is sealed for eternity.

In India, marriage is known to be the union of two families rather than two individuals. A family contemplates on a prospect on the basis of education, salary, character and age. After the consent of the families, the bride and the groom are married amidst friends and family with pomp and gaiety.

Age plays a major factor for consent. Traditionally, the girl is younger than the boy in few years. The couple with a considerable age difference is not feasible due to various aspects and generally looked down on the society.

You will find lesser books in contemporary literature that explore this angle. That too in this case, the woman being the elder one in the relationship.

It Happens is the story of Gautam, a twenty-five-year-old upcoming professional and Roshni, an unmarried thirty-seven-year-old senior management member working in the same multinational bank woven in a romantic relationship. All is well in their paradise until the initial complications arise when their friends weigh the cons of the relationship, which forces them to rethink about their decisions.

Will Roshni and Gautam be able to bridge the considerable age gap between them? Or will they be drifted apart by the cruel play of the fate?

Even though the plot was mainly focused on the ups and downs of Roshni and Gautam’s relationship, other themes like friendship, familial bond and sibling love was also explored. Gautam was backed by two strong women in his life. One being his lady love, Roshni and another being his elder sister, Richa.

Richa was almost like a second mother to him, considering their age gap of six years. She had also a major role in his upbringing and Gautam held her in high regard. Richa was the only one who approved of their relationship, even when his best friend, Rohit had his doubts. She was moved when Gautam confessed about his feelings about Roshni and didn’t want to come in the way of his happiness.

Roshni had lost her parents in a train accident that took place about fifteen years ago. Being a lone child to her parents, she was very close to her parents and this incident shook her. She worked very hard and climbed the corporate ladder swiftly. Even after so many years, she couldn’t cope up with the loss of her parents and preferred working long hours to avoid going to her solitude pad. She first came across Gautam, when she was heading a team of nine people and he easily, stood out among them. Love blossomed between them sooner than expected.

Rohit was another character that I immensely loved. He is witty and extremely charming. Known to be a womanizer, his logical deduction abilities are amazing. He was the first one whom Gautam confided in about his ongoing relationship with Roshni. At first, he was taken aback that Gautam did not tell him about Roshni. Slowly calming down his senses, being concerned for his friend, Rohit threw some apprehensive, yet practical questions regarding the couple’s future. All in all, Rohit wanted his friend’s happiness and did not want him to experience any ill-faced consequences in the future. After hearing him, Gautam felt as if he was on the receiving end of a knife.

The story was narrated from a third person perspective. The writing is lucid, occasionally sprinkled with bits of humour. All the characters are extremely relatable and will charm manage to charm you. The personalities of the main protagonists, their emotional vulnerabilities unfold slowly as the story proceeds.

The plot slightly slumps after the end of the first half and picks up towards the end of the book. I also felt the ending was unrealistic, with strong resemblances to a typical Bollywood flick.

It Happens is a light hearted, fast paced read, sans intense emotional drama and will definitely guarantee you a few laughs.

Reviewed by : Aparna Prabhu

Author(s): Karan Sharma
Publisher: Notion Press
Release: 2017
Genre: Fiction/Contemporary
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