Jasmine and Jinns – By Sadia Dehlvi

From home to bazaar, Sadia Dehlvi takes us through the famous by-lanes of the old city to show us where the best jalebi, dalbiji, aloo poori, dahi bhalla, nihari and mithai continue to be served.

Why read this?

Delve into the fragrant world of jasmine and jinns with Sadia Dehlvi, author and member of one of the oldest families of Delhi. Her surname Dehlvi is derived from the city name itself. Read wonderful and delicious anecdotes with mouthwatering recipes and a bagful of nostalgia from the meandering lanes of Delhi. We will keep a tab on the recipes you liked, let us know in the comments after you read the book!

About the author:

Sadia Dehlvi is a Delhi-based media person, activist, writer and a columnist with the daily newspaper, the Hindustan Times and frequently published in Frontline Urdu, Hindi and English newspapers and magazines. She has previously authored two books – Sufism: the heart of Islam and the Sufi Courtyard: Dargahs of Delhi.

Author(s): Sadia Dehlvi
Publisher: Harper Collins India
Release: July 2017
Genre: Non Fiction/Food & Drink
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