It’s My Girlfriend’s Wedding by Sahil Rajput

It’s My Girlfriend’s Wedding by Sahil Rajput is a story that revolves around Vivan and Maya.

In a nutshell

Vivan is a tall, rich and handsome guy who is the Scion of Bakshi Group of Companies and Maya is a career oriented girl who loves to party and goes out to late night parties with her besties. Maya has left with her best friend Seema for an office party and is waiting for her in the car when all of a sudden she sees a shooting star and comes out to see it. She bumps into an unknown stanger and spills her coffee on him and she freaks out and runs away. Soon, she gets to her friend when an announcement is made introducing the new CEO of Bakshi Group of Companies and she is stunned to see that her new boss (Vivan) is the same guy from the parking lot.

Maya finds herself falling in love with Vivan but is not sure if she should take an initiative, Vivan too shares the same feelings but then Maya is suspious of his intention and asks him to steer clear of her and even slaps him but Vivan goes ahead and makes sure that all her assumptions about him are removed. All of a sudden, Maya learns about her past and her family and complications begin. Soon, they are handling what is a nightmare for them but even then Vivan doesn’t lose hope and gets to Maya’s home town and tries to overcome all the complications. Will he be able to overcome all the complications and win Maya’s love? To know more read It’s My Girlfriend’s Wedding.

My Thoughts

The book is short and sweet and one can finish it off in one sitting. The cover is beautiful with vibrant colours. The characters are very relatable; all of them make mistakes in their lives and are confused about the decisions and choices they make but they also learn from their mistakes and try to rectify them. I liked the fact that despite being rich, Vivan is willing to do whatever it takes to get back Maya in his life and be with her forever. The extent he goes to win Maya’s heart – he even works as a daily wager and trying to get inside her house and meeting her.

I also like the fact that he doesn’t discriminate between the rich and the poor and is willing to help them in all possible ways. It is a book where a whole film moves before your eyes and you get all the action, drama, fun – all packed in one. I liked the writing style of the author, it is lucid and engaging. However, the plot could have been better had there been some more conflict. People who are looking for a light read can pick this one. It is a kind of book that anyone can read while travelling. Overall, it was a fun book to read.

About the author

An engineer by education, a writer by passion and a digital marketer by profession, Sahil Rajput was born on October 28, 1992, in Jammu and Kashmir, a beautiful state of temples, languages and of course controversies. Imaginative, creative and curious, Sahil can spend hours on end on the Internet researching on a wide variety of topics ranging from history to entertainment.
His first book, Roll no. 77, was published in 2015. It’s my Girlfriend’s Wedding is his second book.

Author(s): Sahil Rajput
Publisher: Fingerprint Publishing
Release: May 2018
Genre: Fiction/Romance
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