It’s All About Love Explores Love Beyond Boundaries

With his new series, Sourabh Mukherjee explores love beyond the boundaries of the boy-meets-girl stories that cinema often dishes up. The tales span across complex relationships, ages and cities. Most of his characters aren’t black and white. They are all beings of the living, breathing world around us. They have their flaws, weaknesses and reasons. The books are crisp, easy to read and have a defined start, body and finish which is critical and hard to achieve when writing a short story. I read quite a few stories from the series and here are my favourites.

The Cookery Show and a Love Story

Jay looks at his bickering grandparents who had once been deeply in love and had fought all odds to be with each other for fifty years. While he struggles with his own relationship, he thinks how two such people fall out of love. He is ready to give up on the idea of love itself but while his grandmother lies in the ICU something unusual happens which makes Jay change his mind.

Why I loved it?

Beautifully crafted, truthfully presented, this story is a treat for every romantic. Jay’s confusion and struggle seemed real, as did the family dynamics. The grandparents were like most grandparents – annoying yet lovable. This was my favorite read of the series. I love a mushy, heartwarming romance!

A Special Day

Mike needs to choose between a long-cherished dream that would help him realise his professional ambitions and celebrating a very special day with someone who means a lot to him. What would he choose and more importantly, what is that “special day”?

Why I loved it?

In today’s competitive world, we often lose sight of what is important. Our careers become more important than our lives. However, now and then, there are instances when we can clearly see ahead and realise that the people in our lives mean much more to us than a fancy position in the office. The story also presents a love very different from the ones in uninspired, mundane stories.

An Autumn Turmoil

Durga Puja is two weeks away and Kolkata is ready to burst into festivities. Amid celebrations, when Atreyee, Abhishek’s wife, and Shubho, Abhishek’s cousin and an engineering student, meet, sparks fly. But what starts off as a secret festival romance soon gives way to jealousy and possessiveness. Will their passionate autumn romance change the lives of Shubho and Atreyee forever?

Why I loved it?

We are all vulnerable when in love, especially if the love is clandestine. The story beautifully captures the vulnerability, confusion and passion of Atreyee and Shubho. The extramarital relationship is neither tainted nor justified but is left raw and real. What makes this story extra special is the beautiful backdrop of Kolkata during the days of Pujo.

The stories are great for a quick break. You can read one while in a queue or while you chow down your lunch and they are bound to entertain you. It was just with Masks that I was left wanting for more. I would have loved to know Oindrila more. All in all, I am intrigued by the stories I have read so far and would, definitely, be reading others in the series.

Happy reading!

Author(s): Sourabh Mukherjee
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Release: 2018
Genre: Fiction/Romance
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