It Wasn’t Love — By Vidya Anand

What is beyond love? It is probably just more love! Read this story by Vidya Anand to get a glimpse of more love for #RomanticRendezvous.

vidya anand

The hushed up whispers of the house maid and the home nurse from outside her room told her that he had arrived after his business trip.

She strained her neck to get a glimpse of him but could only hear his voice. To be precise, it was his rough angry voice scolding them both for being irresponsible. She felt guilty because it was due to her that they earned his wrath.

“I am sorry”, she mumbled an apology in her mind.

The next moment, she shrugged off the guilt because she had no choice but this to grab his time and attention.

She smiled slyly as she knew that next it was her turn to get scolded. She lay on the bed anxiously, expecting him by her side any moment.

He didn’t make her wait longer and as expected he was damn angry. The maid and the nurse weren’t with him, neither could she hear their voices outside. She couldn’t control her grin wondering if his fury had just evaporated them into thin air.

He noticed her suppressed smile and shook his head, both in anger and amusement. He pulled a chair closer to her bed and sat down, staring at the untouched porridge placed on the side table. He looked at her accusingly and by then she had started the countdown in her head for him to start with his lecture. He didn’t disappoint her but took the bowl in his hands, muttering something about her being childish and immature.

The next second, he forced the spoon of porridge into her stubbornly shut mouth.

“You are just impossible Sakshi! One day I am not at home and you skip food and medicine!” he mumbled angrily. He went on and on about how careless she was about her own health.

Any other wife would have got offended by now and caught up with the fight but she, on the contrary was enjoying it.

Did his anger ever upset her? She smiled to herself as she gulped the food and replied to her own question, “Never! Wasn’t this what I longed for?”

Every child like, immature behaviour of hers was just to experience his care and concern, and get some of his time all for herself.

She smiled at the irony. Her present bed ridden, paralyzed state gives her what her most desirable, beautiful, smart and bubbly form couldn’t give in the past! His attention, his care and his love was hers, just hers! No, strike out love, affection may be or perhaps just sympathy, a pity towards a helpless woman whose world was just bound to this bed.

He can never love her back the way she desires to be loved. He was her first and only love while she was just his responsibility.

“Her love”, Unrequited it was and unrequited it would stay forever.

Probably she would never know what he felt for her wasn’t love but was “Beyond Just Love!”



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