“It is Writing That is My Ultimate Marmalade!”- Kirti Srivastava

In a conversation with Writersmelon, Kirti Srivastava gives us insight about herself and her newly published book ‘The Me You Will Never Know’.

Growing up with books

A banker and a dreamer by heart, so she describes herself, Kirti Srivastava reminisces about her childhood filled with books and her initial scribblings of putting thoughts to words.

“I fell in love with books a long time ago and since then, they have been my sole confidantes. Hiding books in my textbooks and faking to study were some of my traits! (Ok, I accept having failed most of the subjects in my high school except creative writing!). I started writing during my school days, but, the scribblings were never sent for an expert eye (still lying somewhere in a slush pile in my computer). But, this time, I was more persistent. So, I finally finished my first psychological thriller!”

A sense of achievement

Like every aspiring author, Kirti faced a lot of obstacles before being successful.

“Having completed my Honours in English Literature, I always craved to be in the world of words but I ended up with numbers. I know that my job is my bread and butter but it is writing that is my ultimate marmalade! I take pride in what I have done with a crazily hectic job profile of a credit analyst, an accident that fractured both of my legs and a badgering younger sister!”

“Now, about the trophy”

‘The Me You Will Never Know’, is a psychological thriller that will keep the readers at the edge of their imagination.
A little blurb to keep you awake at night goes like this:
Cynthia Marcel, Sophia Carmine and Sister Alexis are three different ladies with different needs and different values. Born and bred in cities, miles apart from each other, they have a common link. All the three have a dark past.
A past that is well hidden in their hearts.
Five murders in different countries bring them together.
The three embark on a journey of stunning revelations and dangerous secrets.
It is a story of guilt, shame, revenge and mind games.
A thriller which will keep you at the edge of your imagination.

Why read ‘The Me You Will Never Know’?

“I am a sucker for stalwarts like John Grisham, Dan Brown, Danielle Steele, Agatha Christie, Robert Ludlum and Sidney Sheldon. So, if you are a lunatic reader with a fiction in one hand and an ice cream tub in another, this one’s for you.

What makes my book unique is the extremely short paragraphs and a mere 28000 word count!
Yeah, you heard that right. I have a penchant for writing fast paced novels which proves to be a short and entertaining read in today’s life where time is a rare commodity. Keeping the readers engrossed is what I aim for.”

An advice to remember

“From personal experience, if you want to be a writer, I just have a two word advice for you. WRITE DAILY. That’s what I did!
Happy reading!”

You can reach Kirti Srivastava on her blog.

Author(s): Kirti Srivastava
Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition
Release year: 2018
Genre: Psychological Thriller

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