Into The Great Heart – by Kamla K Kapur

Into the great heart - by Kamla Kapur

‘With great power comes great responsibilities.’

Human beings are prone to manipulation and can very easily get diverted from one goal to the other. And life is very fragile and with each moment being different from the one that passed away just right now, we have to stay vigilant and find a way to make the best use of it. Guru Angad too had a life that was devoted to Durga Maa, but it took a U-turn when he heard about Guru Nanak. Mesmerised by the teachings of Guru Nanak, he started following him.

Life will never be the same again once you find your true purpose. The universe was conspiring in favour of Guru Angad to make him the Second Sikh Guru. Many fought for the same throne, but only the pious of all deserved it. Guru Angad always wished to help people more than anything else, which made him a obvious successor to Guru Nanak

The book is awe inspiring and is a repository of motivational stories. One of the instances from the book that blew me was the love of Guru Nanak for The Lord of the Universe ‘Lord Jagannath.’ When asked if he believes that all the Gods are same, why did he not pray with the priests at the temple, Baba asks him to come at night to his camp outside the town, where to the priest’s query, he sang,

“Har charan kamal makarand lobhit mano Andi no mohair ae epiyasa Kripa jal dai Nanak sarang ko Hoi ja terai naam vaasaa.”

It means – “I’m thirsty for the nectar of your Lotus Feet, Beloved! Give Nanak sarang, your songbird, a drop of your rain of mercy. Captivate him; put him in your cage of your Love!”

There maybe many books on Guru Nanak but none like this one. Not only it showcases the life of Guru Nanak and Guru Angad, it throws light on the life of their wives and family. How they dealt with their lives when both the Gurus were away from their family. It also speaks in volume about the lives of people in the Dera, how they lived as one big family, caring for each other, doing the daily chores guided by Guru Nanak and his teachings.

While I was mesmerised by the stories, I was also baffled by the ideology of people who still being so close to Guru Nanak were divided by religion. Speaking of which there was a one such instance where there was a confrontation between the Hindus and Muslims over the funeral of Guru Nanak.

Human beings as a species have to learn a lot about themselves and abide by the principle of that we are humans, if we don’t caste the veil of religion on us.

Needless to say the book is a treasure house of knowledge and wisdom of ages, assimilated in one single book. When you read through the pages you will be in awe by the research the author had done while writing the book.

Guru Nanak’s life and his ideologies will illuminate you, free your soul that is imprisoned in your body and will elevate your life to the higher being. The One who created us all, the Akaal Purukh. And this book reveals all about Guru Nanak and his teachings. Loved the stories, the moral values that the book had to offer.

Life is a tapestry woven together in fine fabric. You might not know your value in the grand design, but you should know that you are one valuable piece of it.

Author(s): Kamla Kapur
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Release: July 2018
Genre: Non Fiction/Mythology/Religion
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