Changing Our Habits is the Only Sustainable Way to Gain Health And Prevent Illness – Kavita Devgan

‘The idea is to recall the good old habits, and slowly incorporate them back in our lives —reprogram our body and mind and lifestyles.’

Kavita Devgan, ‘Ultimate Grandmother Hacks’

I’m not very fond of non-fiction but, of course, there are exceptions. Kavita Devgan’s first book, Don’t Diet – 50 Habits of Thin People’ is that exception for me. Ms. Kavita is a nutritionist, weight-management consultant and an author.

Her second book, ‘Ultimate Grandmother Hacks’, published by Rupa Publication, has just released.

Narrowing Down The Idea!

Kavita regularly writes about health and nutrition. ‘Health and nutrition’ is a broad and ‘constantly-in-demand’ subject, so finding ideas is not that tough, I guess. Narrowing down those ideas to compile them into a book is a challenge. How does she do that?

Kavita writes  about things she is familiar with and also  entirely convinced about. ‘I don’t go by populist ideas and trends. And, this is what makes it easy for me to decide on what book I want to write,’ she says.

‘My first book Don’t Diet! 50 habits of thin people grew out of my interactions during my weight management practice. It is a compilation of lessons I learnt (what works and what doesn’t) from my clients. And this new one – ‘Ultimate Grandmother Hacks’ is a compilation of habits that I have grown up with and consider super healthy.’

According to Kavita, Ultimate Grandmother Hacks lists the many nuggets of wisdom and discusses the various foods and habits that our parents and grandparents followed that are still relevant today. ‘I basically did not want us and the next generations to forget them, and that was the motivation behind the book,’ Ms. Kavita Devgan says.

Similar Subject, Different Themes

Both the books by Ms. Devgan focuses on health, nutrition and habits. So, how ‘Ultimate Grandmother Hacks’ and ‘Don’t Diet’ are different from each other?

‘Don’t Diet focuses on wellness, but from a weight loss perspective. It lists weight loss habits that work. Grandmother hacks, on the other hand, is about gaining all round health, and living a life that ensures complete wellness by going back to our roots. The book compiles time-tested food habits to help us develop a cohesive healthy lifestyle and rediscover the joy in eating.’ Kavita explains.

When Writing About Health and Nutrition

There are different ways to deal with different subjects. No matter what topic/genre writers choose to write, there are certain things, regarding that particular topic/genre, they keep in mind. So when choosing to write about health and nutrition, what should one keep in mind?

‘Well, health and nutrition is like any other niche genre of writing.’ Kavita replies. ‘The only difference is that it takes ‘a lot of’ research {on factual ground, especially} if you want to attempt writing in this genre and you have to be sure that you have a huge reservoir of patience. Also, the responsibility is huge. After all what you write will shape people’s perception about health.’ Kavita enlightens.

On Developing Habits

If you notice, both the books {by Kavita Devgan} talk about habits. How easy or tough it is to change your habits?

‘That’s the only sustainable way to gain health and prevent Illness – changing our habits,’ Kavita says. She continues. ‘And trust me it is easier and more permanent than following one fad diet after another and messing up your health every successive time. Also, our food habits are not final and fixed, but adaptable and open, if we only give ourselves half a chance,’ she says thoughtfully.

What Next?

We always wonder about author’s next project, more when we have loved the previous books. So what next?  Has she ever thought about writing fiction?

‘I was always writing, ever since I remember,’ Kavita says. In fact earlier, for Kavita, it was mostly creative writing — short stories, poetry etc. ‘When I had my baby and took a break from practice for a year, I began writing more regularly. By then, as I had subject matter expertise plus lots and lots of practical experience via the people, I had counseled for health gain and weight loss, so I began writing in the health genre and luckily found many takers in the media for it.’ Kavita shares. That’s how both her books have been in this genre.

Kavita is working on her third book, which would, supposedly, be out in 2019, but she feels it’s too early to talk about it.

Suspense? Keep guessing, guys!

Words of Wisdom

Although, topic of health and nutrition is already full of wisdom, we have brought some expert advice, exclusively for aspiring writers who want to write on health, nutrition or fitness.

‘If you are an aspiring writer, be ready for multiple challenges. By the time, you’ll think you have arrived, a new challenge will show up.’ Kavita talks about the harsh truth. ‘So, polish your ability to think on your feet so to say, keep reinventing yourself, stay positive, patient, brush up your people and networking skills, carve out a niche for yourself (either in terms of writing style, or subject matter expertise) and most importantly be so good at what you do that editors and people keep coming back to you for stories.’ Kavita suggests.

Good and practical suggestions! Are you listening, dear aspiring authors?

Author(s): Kavita Devgan
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Release: September 2018
Genre: Non Fiction/Health
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